Orcs are not a playable race in Daggerfall, but since I'd played one in TES IV:Oblivion, I wanted to do so again. So I created a mod to do so.

That meant that I needed two new body images, some faces, and a small edit to FALL.EXE to add the name. Before I could make the changes, however, I had to decide which race would give up its place to make way for the Orcs. Khajiit and Argonians were safe from replacement, as they used different clothes and armor to accommodate their tails. That left quite a few choices with not much to choose between them. One possible factor was the length of the name, as I'd be replacing a string in FALL.EXE, but that wasn't a lot of help either. No race name is only three characters, and even calling them "Orsimer" instead failed to match any existing name length.

So what I created was a ninth race set of images, and left the choice to the user. I'm running my game with the High Elf replaced by the Orsimer, as I wanted that Immunity to Paralysis, and reasoned that the Summerset Isle is too far away from the Illiac Bay to have many of them around. You'll find a BODY09I0.IMG for the male orc body, a BODY19I0.IMG for the female, and corresponding FACE09I0.CIF and FACE19I0.CIF for their faces.


Male Faces
Female Faces

Current state of the mod

Released. I may still do further work on the faces, but it's ready for some feedback. I've created installation scripts to replace the Nord, High Elf or Wood Elf races with the Orc/Orsimer race (according to name length). You can't replace Khajiit or Argonian, because the armor doesn't fit, and I don't think it makes sense to replace the Bretons of Daggerfall, the Redguards of Sentinel, or the Dark Elves of Wayrest, as they're the main races of the story. Besides, of those only the Dark Elf race comes close to a reasonable name length.

The content is working well in my own game, as you can see here.