Daggerfall:Lost Hooker

Lost Hooker
Location(s): A tavern in the Illiac Bay
Reward: Levelled gold
Reputation Gain: +5 with the Prostitutes
ID: c0b00y20
Required Reputation: Not contacted by Guild
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
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Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to the questgiver at a Temple
  2. Go to the dungeon and find the lost hooker
  3. Escort her back to the Temple

Detailed Walkthrough

Quest Offer

Questgiver says:
(Player's name), the temple often assists the Prostitutes with healing and potions. Recently one of their number came to us for a potion she needed and we sent her off to look for the ingredients. She hasn't returned, and we're concerned for her safety. Will you help us find her?
I fear that one of the local strumpets has gone missing while she was gathering ingredients for a potion. Will you help us find her?

Quest Acceptance

Questgiver continues:
That's good, good. Now then, (Hooker's name) went to )dungeon) close to a fortnight ago to look for ingredients. It's possible that all is well, but ... I'll give you (timelimit) days to go there, find (hooker's name) and come back. (god) walk with you, (players name). Fare well.

Quest Decline

Questgiver answers:
That's a rather callous point of view to be quite frank, (player).

Quest Object

Go to the dungeon specified, and look for the lost hooker. Escort her back to the temple.

Quest End

Questgiver says:
Ah, (player) and good (hooker's name)_strumpet_, it is good to have you back in (temple location) again. I had feared the worst, to be honest.


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