Location Recent Shipwreck (near Seyda Neen)
Race Infernal Gender Female
Class Guard

Diablita is the sister of Angeline. She wears nothing, but uses the Unarmored skill, so that's all right. There are two bodies, one with a black bikini, and the other nude, with bigger boobies.

She has the usual options from Grumpy's companion template, for follow, share etc. Her level-up script makes sure she has her pitchfork, which improves with the player's level.

Although her body is based on the Roberts mesh, it's unique to her race, so it doesn't matter what body you're using in your game.

The pitchfork she starts with is a steel one, but has the "silver" property to allow it to damage the ancestor ghosts etc. that would otherwise be immune.

At player level 4 and above, she gets a Dwarven one, which is enchanted with a minor aborb health, to both make it damage the ghosts, and feed her back a bit of health, so she won't need too many potions.

At level 8, it changes to a Daedric one, again with a small enchantment.

If you take her pitchfork away, the level script will give her another when the player levels up. If you give her a second one, it may get taken away, as the script tries to keep it at a single pitchfork. Please don't exploit this, as these things are rare!

Pitchforks - Steel, Dwarven, and Daedric
Steel Pitchfork (pitchfork)7.05002-52-56-20None (silver)
Better Pitchfork (pitchfork2)7.08002-72-76-30Absorb Health 1-5 on strike
Daedric Pitchfork (pitchfork3)7.012002-92-96-40Absorb Health 1-10 on strike