Morrowind:Short Spears

Lwanda with Silver Spear

The short spear is intended as a one-handed weapon that can be used with a shield, but which will increase your Spear skill when used.

In order to achieve this, it is defined as a long blade to use the approproate animations for a one-handed weapon, but a script swaps the skill values when the weapons are equipped or unequipped. So when you equip it, the Spear value moves into the Long Blade slot, and vice versa. Using it raises the Long Blade value, but unequipping puts that increased amount back into the Spear slot. The result is that Spear has increased, and Long Blade did not.

This may result in level-ups happening at the "wrong" time, so watch the numbers and train accordingly.

ShortSpears - Steel, Daedric, Dwarven, Ebony, Glass, and Silver
Steel (tribal_spear)10.0800801-51-51-2060
Silver (tribal_spear_silver10.06401201-51-54-2048
Dwarven (tribal_spear_dwemer)12.08002001-51-52-2548
Glass (trbal_spear_glass)7.0500160001-61-63-3548
Ebony (tribal_spear_ebony)7.02400200001-61-64-4060
Daedric (tribal_spear_daedric)7.01200400001-81-85-6080