Skyrim: Small Hut

The Small Hut Layout is the most basic version of a personally-constructed dwelling you can create. Once it is created, you can repurpose this hut as the quarters of the Wise Woman. The small hut will be provided with bedrolls, but no other furniture (until it becomes the wise woman's hut.)

This page also details the exterior buildings and facilities, as they are constructed at the same workbench


Small Hut

Step Parts Materials
1 Wall Framing 9 Sawn Log, 10 Nails
2 Walls 5 Sawn Log, 10 Nails
Roof 5 Sawn Log, 8 Nails, 2 Clay
3 Door Iron Fittings, Sawn Log, Lock, 2 Hinge, 2 Nails
Total Materials: 2 Clay, 2 Hinges, 1 Iron Fittings, 1 Lock, 30 Nails, 20 Sawn Logs
(1 Corundum Ingot, 6 Iron Ingots)

Furniture for Wise Woman's hut

Once you have constructed the small hut, you can add some furniture for the Wise Woman. This is made at the external carpenter's workbench, as the small hut has no workbench of its own. Building any of these items will remove the bedrolls.

Optional furniture
type Options Materials Notes
Furniture Single bed Sawn Log, Nails, 2 Leather Strips, Straw
Miscellaneous Alchemy Lab Sawn Log, 2 Nails, Glass, Quicksilver Ingot, Iron Ingot Adds a barrel for ingredients.
Arcane Enchanter Sawn Log, Nails, Glass, Refined Moonstone, Iron Ingot, Grand Soul Gem (filled), Gold Ingot Adds a side table and lamp.
Total Materials: 4 Nails, 3 Sawn Logs, 2 Glass 1 Straw, 2 Leather strips, 1 Grand Soul Gem
(1 Quicksilver Ingot, 1 Refined Moonstone, 1 Gold Ingot, 2.4 Iron Ingots )


Once you have constructed the small hut, you can add the exterior buildings and facilities. There is no option to construct a forge and its associated crafting stations in the cellar, so they must be built outside.

Parts Materials Notes
Armorer's Workbench 2 Quarried Stone, Sawn Log, Iron Ingot
Blacksmith's Forge Iron Fittings, Iron Ingot, 2 Sawn Logs, 5 Quarried Stone Also constructs two half-awnings to shelter it.
Guard Tower 10 Sawn Log, 5 Nails
Grindstone Quarried Stone, Sawn Log, Iron Fittings
Smelter 4 Quarried Stone, 6 Clay, 2 Iron Fittings, 5 Iron Ingots
Stockade 50 Sawn Log, 20 Nails
Storehouse 7 Sawn Log, 3 nails
Tanning Rack Sawn Log, Leather Strips
Total Materials: 28 Nails, 7 Quarried Stone. 3 Iron Fittings, 72 Sawn Logs, 1 Leather strips, 5 Iron Ingots
(10.8 Iron Ingots in total)