Devilish and Divine

I had been playing for some time with Emma's Vilja companion mod, and especially liked the extra conversations with the companion. So what's better than a companion that chats? Two companions that chat! So that's how this pair were created. I stole a whole lot of scripting from Vilja, and attempted to make it all work with two. I'm not sure that I even came close, but I had fun with the project.

Diabita turned out to be the reasoable one of the pair, who'd take the peaceful option if there was one. Her blond sister was more likely to start a fight.

Although this never made it to the Nexus as a full release, it did feature in Clark's story - The Gweden Report - after he bought his city shack. And since it worked well enough for me to play it, I've included it here for anyone else to try. A lot of the dialog doesn't trigger properly. You can blame the headless invisible dead sheep for that. They wouldn't work as well for me as they did for Vilja. Their quests are fun to do, and they add something to the game.

There's a lot more detail, as usual, in the Fake Wiki.

A combination of my failure to complete this, and some timing with the installation of Morrowind, led me to adapt these two for that game, as well.

View inland from the jetty.

View of the bay from the beach.

Giant mudcrab and sisters, all still in their shells.

Shrine under construction.

Completed shrine.

In the Shivering Isles.

This mod was never uploaded to the Nexus. I may be able to put together a packaged version of the WIP, but it's not a priority right now, and I can't currently run the game to test it.