Dremora Hearthfires

I wanted to play Skyrim as a Dremora, and looked at the available mods. I didn't like any of them, so I made my own, and on the way, it spawned another Hearthfires mod. The premise behind this one is that once the player reveals that he or she is the Dragonborn, then they have shown themselves worthy as a warrior and the Kyn would like one of their number to become the player's housecarl, and share the glory.

The Hearthfires part comes in from the need for a housecarl to have a house. In this case, it does not need to be built, rather repaired. A derelict Nordic tower at the edge of the map can be restored to a usable condition, and then a housecarl will be made available. The pre-requisite "quest" is reaching the location, as it is atop Lost Valley Redout, beyond Bard's Leap. Going up the other side takes you past a fight with trolls and a near-impossible climb. Once you get to the site, you deserve it.

The housecarl becomes available once you have made enough of the building to support both of you. The roof, enclose the bedroom, and add the bed, and you're about there. A spell tome appears on the side table, and you can select your summoning spell. You get a woodpile with just enough logs to build the place, but will have to fetch ores etc, yourself.

The housecarl levels with you (upgrading when re-summoned), and has a progression of equipment to suit their role. which should complement the combat style of the player.

For more details, see the Fake Wiki. You can also read the story of Kothet, who did all that. He's a Dremora who was stuck in Tamriel when the gates closed, and gets a mention in The Gweden Report as well.

Location on map.

The completed project.

The finished interior.

The finished interior.

The finished interior.

The upper level (bedroom).

The observation level.

Mod as last uploaded to the Nexus for LE.

Mod as last uploaded to the Nexus for SE.

The readme has not been updated, so references to the Nexus site are obsolete. This is now the only legitimate source.

The mod is packaged as a BAIN archive, because I use Wrye Bash. That is compatible with other mod managers, but may require some extra work. I will NOT ve re-packaging any of my mods for other managers, especialy not Nexus ones.