Hearthfire Materials

When you build a Hearthfires home, almost all of the material you need can be gathered, with two main exceptions. You have to buy Glass and Straw from merchants. Most of the time I also buy Goat Horns, and the Grand Soul Gem, but those are obtainable in other ways.

I don't recall which character decided that they didn't want to deal with merchants. It may have been the Dremora that built the tower, or the Khajiit that wasn't allowed into towns. It might also have been the Argonian wanted to use the empty bottles. Whichever it was, it wasn't worth making a separate mod for it, until the .esl form came along. So this is for SE only, and fills the gap.

The recipes added allow empty bottles to be smashed into cullet, which can then be made into Glass, both at the smelter. Also, when you use a grain mill, as well as making flour in small quantities, fifteen wheat will make 5 bags of flour, plus there's enough straw for a bale, so you get that thrown in.

Beta release for SE only.

Just a pair of files, .esp and .bsa, to drop in your data folder.