Khajiit Hearthfires

This mod started withe the premise that a Khajiit would prefer a mobile home, as one would not be welcome in a city, and therefore be accustomed to a nomadic lifestyle. So I looked into the process of building a wagon, instead of a house. It would still need a location for the construction, and a decent way to start the quest, and they were provided by the abandoned cottage near Fort Greymoor and the Watchtower. Instead of having a pre-requisite of an existing quest, the player is asked to recover the tools of Wilf Wainright, which are needed to build the wagon.

I later decided that the ruined cottage could be restored as a home/workshop since a matching mesh was available in the CK, and it would be easy to swap. This would be built while the player was elsewhere, coutesy of the carriage drivers. who would want to encourage a repair business for their carriages.

Taking the carriage mesh apart was harder than anticipated, as it was divided up by material, rather than functional units, and pulling out the seats left holes to fill with cloned planks. Scripting the cargo and canopy swap was also a fun exercise. I borrowed and refined some scripting from another wagon mod to make it drivable. I blame any problems with doing so on that.

About half-way through my second test build, I found that there were problems if you found one of the tools out of sequence and spent a lot of extra time re-working the scripts to allow for that possibility. The placement of the tools is all done at the start of the quest, using the radiant system, and they can be in any bandit lairs with a chest, even on Solstheim, or in locations added by other mods!

For more details, see the Fake Wiki, and read the tale of Cat Man Dhou, who built one.

Location on map.

The abandoned forge.

Rebuily Forge (and smelter).

Construction begins with the frame and springs.

Add wheels one at a time ...

The spine goes onto the springs ...

Add a driver's seat (lockbox) ...

The load bed ...

Sides ... Harness trees ...

Hauling cargo.

House rebuilt (with sign).

Inside the wainright's house.

Mod as last uploaded to the Nexus for LE.

Mod as last uploaded to the Nexus for SE.

The readme has not been updated, so references to the Nexus site are obsolete. This is now the only legitimate source.

The mod is packaged as a BAIN archive, because I use Wrye Bash. That is compatible with other mod managers, but may require some extra work. I will NOT ve re-packaging any of my mods for other managers, especialy not Nexus ones.