Rigged Hair

In the base Morrowind game, all hair is rigged/skinned only to the head bone, which makes it clip into the back or shoulders, when the character turns their head, or looks up. And with cliffracers, looking up is frequent. The girl pictured above daren't turn her head to look at the camera.

I found at least one mod that added rigging for longer styles to the neck and spine, to avoid that problem, but all the styles were ones that covered the ears. Except for one set, that had ears, but required McKom's head replacer, which made the ears part of the head mesh, and caused clipping with some helms. I started to put together my own set of additional styles (with ears) that could be used with my choice of replacement heads. A comprehensive set would need every combination of hair tints with race-specific ears, so it never was completed, but what I have is at least a start.

In the D and D mod, the sisters both have rigged hair. Diablita's ears show, which is why this mod was started, but Angeline's do not. One of the styles is an adaptation of the hair worn by Yarob in my Orc Hearthfires mod for Skyrim. The others are taken from various mods I used.

Some sample styles.

An Imperial with black hair.

A blonde Altmer.

Orc with black hair, a battleaxe, and not much else.

One I didn't change; it was just short enough not to cause issues.

There is still a little clipping in some poses, but minor.

Redhead Dunmer.

Still a WIP, so no download yet.