Apocrypha Hearthfires

This Hearthfires mod was inspired by two ideas coming together. A cartoon by Markydaysaid set in the TES V world, and a player house mod (pre-built) in Apocrypha. I decided to recruit Bibliophilia as the Librarian/housecarl for the home, and make a BYO version of the home with player choice of rooms.

Unlike most of the usual HF homes, where you start with a bare site before construction, this needed at least a partially built beginning, or there would be nowhere to stand while you did the construction, so I decided that the librarian already had a room at the library, and the player would extend from there. The drafting table should be more literally one, and the plans would be written, not read, by the player.

In a similar vein, the workshop is there at the start, rather than just the stand-alone anvil of the base DLC sites.

The starting location is also where the Librarian does her work of sorting through the books, and discarding the duplicates (which become building material). The unique books are catalogued, and placed in the bookshelves.

As ever, the quests are described in the Fake Wiki, which is under construction, so a bit inaccurate.


  • Create Wiki content
  • Quest to acquire portal Black Book.
  • Black Book script that does not require replacing standard one.
  • Build tokens and cloned scripts
  • More "rooms".
  • Librarian shirt - fix clipping, reduce jiggle

Still a WIP, so nothing yet.

It is likely that there will be a family-friendly, and a NSFW version.