Forsworn Hearthfires

The idea behind this mod is that Madanach has a problem with the hagravens, who have made a power grab in his absence. Once you leave Cidhna Mine with him, then he has a chance to put things back to normal. He needs you help in rescuing a young mage named Drusilla, who is being made into a hagraven.

You get a letter asking for help, find the cave where she's being held, kill Magora the hagraven, and then get her cured, as the process has already been started. Once that is done, you can rebuild the cave into a Forsworn Redoubt with comfortable accommodations for yourself, and a few Forsworn staff, including Drusilla in something like the steward role. Recruiying the extra staff is still in the to-do list, but the mod is quite usable as it stands.

Walkthrough information in the Fake Wiki.

Drusila with feathers and claws.

Drusila after the cure.

Drusila fully recovered.

  • Radiant quest to recruit a follower.
  • Script for follower management (assign tent, etc.)
  • Costumes for followers

WIP - first beta version for Skyrim SE only is here.