Markarth Arena

The Markarth Arena is not a real combat location, rather a T&A show with gladiatorial contests as a pretext. The player only gets to participate by betting on the outcome of the matches, which are as competitive in reality as professional wrestling. The outcomes are random, rather than being scripted, however.

Gladiatrices (yes, they are all female) wear as little as possible, just boots, gauntlets and a manica on their sword arm. The weapons are blunted, and they have a regular shield, so they lose when they get tired, not hurt. Two of each man/mer race, plus Dremora, but no Khajiit, or Argonian, who don't show any skin when they're stripped. One of each race may wear a helmet, and one does not. Since none of the armour has any protective value, this is not a disadvantage.

I got as far as making the three interior zones, and the combatants and staff. The full mod would need lots of generic spectator NPCs, and some complex scripting to run the bouts, and the betting. Some of that was sketched out, but not yet put into code.

In the quarters, each race has their own themed bedroom, where there are two double beds. two chests, two armour mannequins, and generally a dining table and chairs. The arena announcer, recorder etc. have accomodation, as does the boss, who is another Silver-blood brother, Thorvald.

image 1

A handfull of combatants.

image 2

On the other hand...

image 3

The classical statue (Hebe) inspired the bar staff uniforms.

image 4

Above and behind the bar are the Gladiatrix' quarters..

image 5

Room for Nords.

image 6

Room for Redguards.

image 7

Room for Wood Elves.

image 8

Room for High Elves.

image 9

And a darker vibe for the Dremora.

  • Betting script
  • Combat round quest
  • Gladiatrix off-duty quest
  • Spectators - could include AI packages for existing Markarth NPC's.

Still a WIP, so nothing yet.