Red Witch

I created a character with a pirate outfit, who built the Heljarchen Hall home, but decided she didn'i like being a landlubber, and would I make a ship for her, please? So I opened up the CK and looked at what was available. There were three choices of intact ships (she didn't want a wreck). The small one that was used for the Red Wave, and the Dainty Sload wasn't big enough for her. The next up was called Katariah01 and was never used in the game, so an interior would have to be built from scratch. Katariah02 was the one they used, and so I could copy the interior from that as the basis for hers.

The exterior of the ship needed some work to remove most of the Royal embellishments, and I also removed the pointless portholes that don't appear in the interior. A bit of work on the figurehead was needed too. Much of the clutter was removed from the decks, as a fighting ship would have all that junk stowed away.

The ship was placed in its own worldspace, so that you can't get there just by swimming forever, and a rowboat used as the entrance "door", just like Castle Volkihar. You arrive on the main deck, next to the logboat.

The interior got the "unroyal" treatment too, with the Imperial banners replaced with plain ones, and of course the old crew were removed. Not much else was altered, as there was a decent amount of clutter to keep.

I was intending to create some quests to go with it, but it works as a sort of player home as it stands. The ship has a crew of Bretons, with the exception being an Argonian for underwater work. There's a smith, a cook, a Quartermaster, and a First Mate, as well as an NPC version of my Captain Clarisse.

image 1

Location of rowboat

image 2

The ship itself is out at sea.

image 3

Argonian (underwater expert).

image 4

The ship's smith.

image 5

More of the crew.

image 6

The First Mate.

image 7

The Captain in her cabin.

  • External woodwork on ship sides. Deck clutter
  • Acquisition quest.

Still a WIP, so nothing yet.