Smurf Hearthfires

I looked at the Telvanni fungal housing meshes, and the various other fungi, and decided that a "grow your own" build would be feasible. The fact that I'd been playing with body scales in RaceMenu, and created a decent-looking Smurf or two may also have played a part.

The images mostly show Smurfette, but the house was proprtioned for a normal character, so it could be treated as a lore-friendly Telvanni mod, if you weren't of the Smurfy persuation. The "workbench shrine in a stump" was a simple transplant from Bosmer Hearthfires, and could be swapped out for something else.

There are no pictures of the house growing, as that was the next on the list when I moved on. I had models for three stages, at least, before the complete house. What was mostly undetermined was how to drive the growing process. It should take time, but I also wanted it to be observed by the player, so there needed to be reasons to return to the site.




  • Quest for progress - need reason to return to site to see progress.
  • Conditions for quest start
  • Smurf vs regular option - Installation option?

Very much a WIP. Nothing yet,