The Red Dragon Club quest series of the Gweden Brothel mod included one where Uzgash, the Orc Bear-rider daughter of Gortwog, was brought from Falkreath to the Imperial City. That included a stop in Bruma, where she tried out as a stripper at the Tap and Tack. Olav had been looking for a replacement for Darwen, and maybe he'd be prepared to pay!

I made various meshes for her to remove, and not everything made it into the mod. So they're collected here with a sample script in the esp, so that anyone else can do it. There is a shirt that unbuttons, which can have a bra underneath, or not, depending on how long a sequence you want. Uzgash wore a skirt, with an underskirt, but I made pants an option. The full meshes are standard lower class 05, these are just the unfastened ones, and underwear. The body is HGEC "C" cup.

You can dress her without a bra.

But with one underneath ...

... she can remove that, too.

Remove pants ,,,

... or layers of skirt.

Almost done.

I haven't packaged this yet. The meshes, textures and script all still exist, so it's just a question of demand.