Every game that has vampires needs a Vampirella! The banner image shows her in Daggerfall, Morrowind, Obllivion and as the player character in Skyrim. I have not yet found a way to play her in ESO, so I'm waiting impatiently for TES VI.

I made two mods for Skyrim, one (LE only) being an outfit that you can find in the early part of the game as you exit through Helgen keep, and the other (for SE) that puts the costume on Serana.

The prior instances were never intended to be shared as mods, so the content was never packaged that way. I still have it all, somewhere, if anyone wants it.

Be careful where you let the cameraman stand ...

especially when you're mining.

Wouldn't you rather find this version?

Outfit mod as last uploaded to the Nexus for LE.

Serana mod as last uploaded to the Nexus for SE.

The readme has not been updated, so references to the Nexus site are obsolete. This is now the only legitimate source.

The mod is packaged as a BAIN archive, because I use Wrye Bash. That is compatible with other mod managers, but may require some extra work. I will NOT ve re-packaging any of my mods for other managers, especialy not Nexus ones.