Freija (RefID: xx02B0E2)
Location Imperial City Arena
Race Nord Gender Female
Level PC-2 Class Warrior
RefID xx02B0E2, xx032639 BaseID xx02B0DF, xx031F5D
Other Information
Health Magicka
Respons. 50 Aggress. 5
Faction(s) Arena Combatants, Mages Guild, Nine Divines, Hookers, Gweden Residents, Gweden Door Faction
Freija at practise
Freija at practise.

Freija is an Arena combatant with a distinct advantage. She can't be beaten!

If you are the Grand Champion of the Arena, and have already recruited Silanu for the farm, then you will be challenged to defend your title in the Arena. It will be an interesting match!


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