Oblivion:The Red Dragon Club

The Red Dragon Club

  • Quest Giver: Ocato
  • Location(s): Gweden
  • Prerequisite Quest:Light the Dragonfires
  • Next Quest: Uriel's Cousin
  • Reward: Ownership of another Brothel
  • ID: GS21
Talos Plaza
The Talos Plaza District

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Read an issue of the Black Horse Courier
  2. Get a letter from Ocato
  3. Go get the key to the Club
  4. Go meet the staff

Detailed Walkthrough

Black Horse Courier

This quest will be started after you complete the main quest and the Lodge has been built at Gweden.

On the table in the Gweden Lodge, you find a copy of the Black Horse Courier with the headline "Women Rescued". You find it is about the Gweden Brothel and its complement of whores. Talking to Tsarrina confirms that a reporter has visited and interviewed them all.

High Chancellor Ocato

High Chancellor Ocato has read it, too. He now wants you to expand your business by taking over the operation of the Red Dragon Club in the Imperial City. When you go and visit him, he tells you that the Club is a cover for the Elder Council's spies, in addition to its apparent trade.

Red Dragon Club

He gives you a key to the place, so you go and meet the staff and take a look around. There are only an Orc bouncer, and a pair of barmaids there at present.

A series of investigations will start up, in which you will team with Ocato's spies, and maybe recruit a few more. They will do double duty, serving as prostitutes in the Club as well as having their "secret identity" as intelligence agents.

Further Quests in the Series


Journal Entries

The Red Dragon Club (GS21)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I just read a copy of the Black Horse Courier that's all about Gweden. Tsarrina has some explaining to do.
20 I have talked to Tsarrina about the article in the Black Horse Courier. She believes it can only be good for business.
30 I received a letter from High Chancellor Ocato. He'd read about Gweden in the Black Horse Courier, and would like to know if I could take over the brothel in the Imperial City. I should go and take a look at the place as soon as I can.
40 Ocato has given me the key to the Red Dragon Club. The main entrance is in the alley behind the Tiber Septim Hotel, but apparently there's another hidden one. I'd better go over there. look around, and meet the staff.
50 I've met a bouncer and two barmaids. That's definitely a skeleton staff. It looks like I need to recruit a few more before this place will be viable again.
60 An Altmer, a Bosmer and a Breton. That's double the staff I started with!
110 0Yes