Oblivion:Silanu the Dark Dominatrix

Help Silanu clear her name.

  • Quest Giver: Tsarrina
  • Location(s): Gweden Farm
  • Prerequisite Quest: The Gweden Cathouse must be started
  • Next Quest: None
  • Reward: None directly
  • ID: GS04RecruitSilanu
Can you spot Shagol gro-Bumph?
The Red Light shines again

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Hear a rumor that Silanu is back in Skingrad
  2. Talk to her and get the background story
  3. Find the "murder weapon"
  4. Get evidence of the Mythic Dawn plot
  5. Recruit a specialist for Gweden

Detailed Walkthrough

Finding Silanu

This quest is given to you by Tsarrina when there are five girls working at Gweden. She needs a Dominatrix to satisfy special requests from some of her customers. Travel to Skingrad and hear a rumor that Silanu's back in town.

Silanu is staying with her older sister Falanu, and is already taking clients as a Dominatrix. Just ask Falanu about the "Large Chest" and she'll give you the key to her sister's room. Go up and talk to Silanu.

Investigating the crime

Silanu tells you about her client dying during a spanking at her sister's old shop. She will show you a letter that was given to her by a man who had said he would help her escape the law. The letter is from Uriel Septim to his son, and it makes it appear she just killed royalty, albeit illegitimate.

Travel to the old shop and find the enchanted riding crop (one point of shock damage) that she had used. You realise that that would not be enough to kill a healthy person, and grow suspicious. Burning down the shop appears to have been done to attract attention, not deflect it, and you smell a set-up. Return to Silanu with your suspicions.

Silanu will recount how Tertius did not know who his father was, but he lived in Chorrol, which is where the courier carrying the letter was headed. The man who helped her escape had disappeared after the incident, and all she knew was that he lived in the Imperial CIty.

Tracking the Agent

If you talk to the people in Chorrol about Tertius, they will tell you that he lived in the house now occupied by Eugal Belette. If you have done the Dagon Shrine quest, but not completed the main quest, then Eugal will attack you, because he's a Mythic Dawn sleeper agent. Take his key and go to the basement of his house. You will find Mythic Dawn paraphenalia, and a letter from Ruma Camaron telling him his part in the Tertius plot.

At any other point in the main quest, you'll have to burgle his house instead.

Return to Silanu and Falanu in Skingrad, and ask about the servant that was mentioned in the letter. Falanu will tell you about him hanging around the well at the old shop, and suggest you look in it for clues, and give you the key.

The bottom of the well contains water, of course, but there is a passage leading up to a dry chamber with a bedroll, a few stools and benches, and a chest with some loot and another letter from Ruma Camoran. You will be attacked by an Ethereal Undead (Ghost or Wraith) but it is not clear if this was once the servant. Take this letter back to SIlanu, as it explains the whole thing.

Recruiting a Specialist

Talk to Silanu some more, and she'll confess that she's still bitter that they tricked her into delivering the blow that actually killed Tertius, and the reason she gives you for agreeing to move to Gweden will depend on the progress of the Main Quest. She'll be afraid of the Mythic Dawn if they are still active, or else still unsure that her part in the murder will not be held against her. Gweden is a good place to hide, especially if she adopts a pseudonym.


Journal Entries

Silanu the Dark Dominatrix (GS04RecruitSilanu)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I have been told that Falanu Hlaalu has a sister and she's in town right now. I think I'd like to meet her.
20 I've met Silanu Hlaalu and she's at least as interesting as her sister! She told me about being framed for a murder - of the Emperor's illegitimate son, no less! And she wants my help help finding out who really killed him. I'd better start my investigation at the burned out shop by the Red Road.
25 I've arrived at Falanu's old shop. I need to hunt around for clues.
30 I found a riding crop near the old shop. I'd better take it back to Silanu and see if it's hers. This whole story is beginning to look suspicious to me. The riding crop is too feeble a weapon to kill anyone, and why attract attention with a fire at the shop?
35 Silanu recognized the riding crop she was using on the man when he died, but I don't understand how that could have killed him. The enchantment is too weak to harm a healthy man, and Silanu assures me he was usually very healthy! I need to look for more clues, perhaps in Chorrol, where the courier was headed.
40 I need to investigate Eugal Belette and find out what his part was in Tertius' murder.
50 There appears to be another conspirator involved who was Tertius' manservant. I wonder if Falanu or Silanu know who he was.
60 I should search the well at the old shop to see if there any clues there.
80 This letter proves that it was the Mythic Dawn that really killed Tertius. I need to return the letter to Silanu.
100 0Yes Silanu has consented to inflict her brand of pain and pleasure at the Gweden Brothel under the pseudonym of "Mistress Peaches". I think it suits her, but then I've always been partial to ripe fruit like hers.
200 0Yes Silanu is dead. Tsarrina will have to do all the whipping by herself.