Daggerfall:Guild of Prostitutes

This mod is nowhere close to ready for release yet. There are only two quests available from the guild and I intend to provide at least a dozen before it's released. The two quests that get you noticed by the guild are written, as are the continuing background quest and the scheduler/wait quests that keep the sequence running. However, the letters from Lady Bridwell will currently only provide a selection between two quests, as shown in the table below. Not all the quest pages etc. are completed, either. It's my intention to supply this wiki-like content as documention with the mod installer, as the ultimate readme.

The Guild of Prostitutes is a faction that you can't join, but who can ask you to do quests for them. They are under the patronage of Lady Bridwell and have connections to the Witches, and various Temples.

If you do a certain delivery quest for a merchant, or a rescue quest for a temple, then you will gain favor with the Guild, and receive a letter from Lady Bridwell, asking you to visit her at Castle Daggerfall. She will ask if you're willing to help the Guild further, and if you agree, she will contact you by letter whenever there's a task that suits.

Each quest will send you to a tavern, to get details from a Guild member. In some cases, you'll return to her for your reward (no, not that kind, just gold), and in others you'll collect from a third party.


General Quests and Information
Quest Name Quest Text Description
Quests before contact
Needed Items I need you to run an errand for me. This small sack needs to.... Deliver a small sack of needed items to a hooker at a tavern in the province.
Lost Hooker The temple often assists the Prostitutes with healing and potions..... Rescue a hooker who has got lost in a dungeon.
Quests from Lady Bridwell (letter)
Lost Strumpet I assume Lady Bridwell sent you. One of my colleagues, .... Rescue another hooker who has got lost in a dungeon.
A Heart for Marghak .... Obtain a Daedra Heart for Gortwog's main squeeze.


Lady Bridwell

Lady Bridwell at Castle Daggerfall

Lady Bridwell will reveal that she's the Patron of the Guild, and also a member (but you can't afford her).

She may also give you quests as one of the Nobles.


Your other contact
Your contact

She will be waiting in a tavern somewhere in the region. The letter you receive from Lady Bridwell will tell you where. Sometimes your contact will be an Orc.


Cyndassa at Castle Daggerfall

Cyndassa was likely a freelance strumpet when she was hired as maid. Lady Bridwell would have insisted that she pay her dues to the Guild if she was to ply her trade at the Castle.