Part 2 - Seyda Neen

Seyda Neen Wayshrine
Seyda Neen Wayshrine

There was a shrine of some kind just outside Seyda Neen that I didn't feel belonged there. Perhaps it would not be there in future. I had no way of knowing. As I stared at it, a mer walked up to it, touched it, and disappeared! I backed away from it, just as a woman ran up to me, asking for my help, or anyone else's. Her companion, a Buoyant Armiger, had been attacked by Daedra, and was wounded. Canon Valasa had sent her to fetch aid. Did I know any healing spells?

Yes, I did, although they were a bit basic. I followed the woman to where the Buoyant Armiger lay. As I did what I could for the woman's wounds, I asked Canon Valasa what had happened. Were there more Daedra?

She told me that the three of them - herself, Alavesa Arethan (the woman who found me) , and Canon Llevule - had just entered the Andrano tomb when the Daedra appeared, and attacked them and the Buoyant Armiger guard. They weren't followed when they fled, but the Daedra were still in the tomb.

By this time, several travellers had stopped to see what was going on. Just as I agreed to go talk to Canon Llevule and offer any assistance I could, one of them started to glow, and rose off the ground. A moon and a star appeared above her outstretched hands and she started to speak in an unnatural voice.

"By Dawn and Dusk, evil creeps through the shadows of my beloved Vvardenfell. But an Outlander arrives to aid my people, just as I have foreseen."

I thought it was a bit heavy-handed of Azura to announce me this way, but it did at least confirm that helping these priests was the first part of what she wanted me to do. And I'm an outlander, am I? Well, I suppose that gives me cover for not knowing my way around like a native contemporary.

Canon Llevule was waiting outside the tomb, pacing up and down. He told me that it was his family's ancestral tomb, and he had been sent by Lord Vivec to make inquiries of his ancestors. He'd be needed to summon one of their spirits, and another would have to ask Vivec's questions, as the summoning required his full attention. He also needed help with the Daedra, of course.

Azura had mentioned Vivec before she sent me here. He, and Almalexia and Sotha Sil, were the Tribunal "gods". The way Azura described it, they were much like I was, mortals made immortal, but with a bit more magical power at their disposal, which was how they'd become immortal. Vivec was in Vvardenfell, building himeself a city, or rather, having one built for him. My first task, whatever that was, would mean getting involved with him.

So that made sense of why I was getting involved here. It would provide an opportunity to contact Vivec. But the task at hand was Canon Llevule's family tomb, and the Vivec connection would come later.

I wasn't exactly well equipped for fighting Daedra, having just arrived with no equipment whatsoever, and I pointed that out to the Canon. I had a few spells, which must have been ones I learned in Moonshadow or Evergloam, as I had forgotten any others I might have known. I had a sword and shield from the Buoyant Armiger, and I'd need to give those back after we were done here.

The Daedra in the tomb weren't particularly powerful ones, fortunately. The Armiger had just been unlucky in not expecting any, as the tomb was only supposed to contain Llevule's ancestors. Even if some of their spirits were floating around, they'd know him, and not be too aggressive.

I wasn't familiar with the "skaafin", as Llevule called them. The only Daedra I'd encountered were Dagon's - scamps, atronachs, Dremora - and these were apparently another Daedric Prince's minions. Canon Llevule wasn't forthcoming about which one it might be.

Eventually we reached the chamber the Cannon was hoping to, and went to the altar there to perform a brief ritual. It summoned the shade of one of his ancestors, but because he was busy holding the summoning spell in place, I had to ask the questions - on behalf of Vivec. I read them from the document he'd handed me.

Lord Vivec asks, "The heart of the world, key to ascension, should I be filled with apprehension?"

"Ah, Lord Vivec always had a way with words!

Tell him to rest assured. The Heart remains safe. I wonder why that concerns him? Ask the remaining questions, as my time here is short."

Lord Vivec asks, "Has the enemy of old returned, so devious and bold?"

"An enemy of old, yes, but not the one that Vivec presumes."

Lord Vivec asks, "Did Sotha Sil in his unending crusade know our divinity would shrivel and fade?"

"Sotha Sil imagined multiple scenarios and contemplated endless solutions. He even experimented with his divinity, drawing energy to study before returning it. Loss will come, he foresaw, but not until the collapse of the Temple.

Now, back to sleep."

I took note of the answers, as it appeared that I might have to deliver them to Vivec after all this.

We left the tomb, I returned the borrowed weapons to the Armiger, and chatted for a while with the priests, before setting off in the direction of Vivec City.

They told me I'd find crafting stations there, where I could make myself some equipment. There was a shop in Seyda Neen where I could buy some, but I'd do better making my own, as it would cost me less that way. I hadn't arrived with much gold, and I suspected that was because most of my coin hadn't been minted yet. The few coins I had in my pouch looked very worn.

The sword and shield had felt comfortable and familar, but I wasn't sure if that was because I recalled using them in Dagon's Deadlands, or because I'd been skilled with them before. In future, I mean. Perhaps I'd used them because of my future skills, but I'd have to re-learn most of those. Still, if I had any aptitude for a fighting skill, it could be that one.

The few spells I recalled were fire-based, but that could have come from my memory of the Deadlands, too. Everything is fire-related there, of course.

Vivec City appeared to be mostly under construction, but that was just an impression from approaching it from the North. When I got closer, I could see that the southern part was already quite well completed, especially the palace, and its attendant buildings. The crafting area was on the western side, before you crossed over to the cantons, and I made my first stop there.

My crafting skills were also pretty meagre. Perhaps as well, as I couldn't afford the materials for the better equipment I didn't have the skills to make. I did what I could, and created myself some weapons and armour that should at least keep me in contention.

Canon Llevule had got ahead of me while I was doing that, so by the time I made my way to Vivec's palace, he was already there. I found him in conversation with Vivec, and Archcanon Tarvus. (I didn't know either of them, but Llevule made the introductions).

Archcanon Tarvus was reluctant to accept assistance from an outsider like myself, but Vivec overruled him. He sulked off to his office, leaving me with Vivec.

Canon Llelvule says you helped him in his mission. As I have written, "the one who helps my ally becomes my friend." Despite the Archcanon's concerns, I greet you with sincerity and pose a simple question. Will you assist us further, Outlander?

"What kind of help do you need, Lord Vivec?" I responded

I have Ordinators and Armigers at my disposal, vast armies of followers and dedicated priests. What I don't have, however, is a fresh perspective. Will you set aside your personal goals for a time and become the eyes and ears of a god?

"Of course, Lord Vivec. I can provide a fresh perspective."

Good. I need assistance to investigate a strange phenomenon that the ancestor confirmed may indeed be a problem. We'll start with a simple divination ritual. Archcanon Tarvus can tell you what we need to delve into this mystery.

And so I was dismissed to go talk to the Archcanon.