Oblivion:The Gweden Cathouse

HelpTsarrina rebuild the Brothel at the Gweden Farm

  • Quest Giver: Tsarrina
  • Location(s): Gweden Farm
  • Prerequisite Quest: The Siren's Deception
  • Next Quest: Several, see below
  • Reward: Immoral earnings
  • ID: GS01Brothel
The Red Light shines again

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Tsarrina and agree to her re-opening the Brothel.
  2. Recruit three girls to work there.
  3. Arrange for the basement to be expanded so more girls can live at the farm
  4. Recruit two more girls
  5. Recruit a specialist
  6. Optionally find more girls

Detailed Walkthrough


This quest can only be started if Tsarrina survives the Siren's Deception quest. She will yield to you after Faustina and Signy are dead.

After Maelona and Gogan have left, talk to her, and she will tell you she wants to re-open the farm as a brothel. Agree to this proposal and she'll ask you to recruit some assistants for her.

Recruiting the girls

There are many girls that can be recruited but you only need to find six of them. It does not matter what order they are recruited, with a few exceptions, and some can only be found at certain points in the Main Quest.

The available recruits. and other related quests.

Each girl is likely to have her own quest before she is ready to come and work at Gweden, so you'll have plenty to keep you busy.

Expanding the basement

The basement of the farm has only three beds, so once you have recruited three girls, they are all accounted for. Tsarrina will ask you to have the place expanded so that more girls can stay there.

Go talk to Newheim the Portly in Anvil and he'll charge you 10,000 gold for material and labor costs, and add a second sub-basement level with four more beds.

Recruiting a Specialist

After five girls are working at the brothel, Tsarrina will add a special request for a Dunmer Dominatrix to spank Imperials. Fortunately, she must be psychic, because Silanu, the younger sister of Falanu Hlaalu in Skingrad, has returned from exile to clear her name. Help her and she'll willingly resume her vocation.

At this point, the brothel will be making enough income for you to get a share of the profits. Talk to Tsarrina about "Earnings" and she'll let you have your portion of the proceeds. You can only do this once a week.

Expanding again

The sub-basement expansion only added four more beds, so it too will fill up before all the possible quests are completed. After you have recruited more than seven girls, and have spoken to Tsarrina about earnings, you may arrive back at Gweden to find that she has expanded the business into the Lodge she builds next door.

Once Tsarrina has done that, she needs a Khajiit girl to take her place with the customers (except M'aiq, who will always get her personal attention) so she can concentrate on the management of the business. You need to find Shulassa.

After the player becomes Champion of Cyrodiil, and Tsarrina has built the Lodge, a reporter will write about the girls in the Black Horse Courier. Ocato will read it, and ask you to take over the Red Dragon Club in the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City. This will start another sequence of quests.


Journal Entries

The Gweden Cathouse (GS01Brothel)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I have given Tsarrina permission to restart her brothel at the Gweden farmhouse. I hope it will bring us both a bit of extra gold.
20 Tsarrina has asked me to recruit her some more girls for the brothel. She'd like one of each race - I assume she counts as the Khajiit, and I hope she only needs one Human and one Elf, but I'm still going to be busy finding all those.
30 I have found a girl willing to work in Tsarrina's Brothel at the Gweden Farm. I've given her directions to find the place, and sent her off to Tsarrina.
40 I have found a second recruit for the Gweden Brothel. I'm sending her to Tsarrina as well.
50 I have a third girl ready to work with us at the Brothel at Gweden Farm. The farmhouse will be getting rather full now. I'd better not recruit any more girls until I talk to Tsarrina.
60 Tsarrina has asked me to have the basement extended so we can fit in more beds. I'll ask around in town to see if anyone can do the work.
70 The sub-basement has been added to the farmhouse. I'd better get back to recruiting the girls.
75 That's four girls recruited for the Brothel. I wonder how many more Tsarrina wants me to find.
80 A fifth girl has agreed to work in the Brothel at Gweden Farm.
82 Tsarrina has asked me if I can find her a special girl for the Brothel staff. It seems that some Imperial men like being spanked by a Dunmer Dominatrix, and are willing to pay quite a lot for the privilege.
90 Mistress Peaches has joined the staff.
100 The Gweden brothel now has a full complement of girls, and I can look forward to a comfortable retirement.
110 The Gweden Lodge is built while you area away recruiting
120 While I was gone, Tsarrina had a new building put up to house the extra girls. I must say it's much more imposing than the farmhouse, but she says that a number of girls still prefer the cosiness of the old place. Tsarrina's obviously enjoying the prosperous life these days, I just hope she's not spending all our money on new clothes!
200 0Yes I declined Tsarrina's suggestion that she re-open the brothel. She will retire to farming instead.
250 This stage may be manually set using the console to undo any world changes made by this mod before removing it. That includes locking the farm door, and re-enabling any NPC's or items that were disabled. Do not do so unless you want to complete undo everything!