Gweden Brothel

NameGweden Brothel
DateOctober 24th, 2010
RequirementsOblivion Patch 1.1.511, OBSE 0.20 or higher
OptionalShivering Isles DLC and The Talkie Toaster's Playable and NPC Creatures


Changes the Sirens' Deception quest to allow Tsarrina to survive and restart her brothel at Gweden Farm. You are asked to recruit more girls to rebuild the business.


Gweden Farm, but you'll find the girls in every city.


There is a fake wiki in the Docs folder which should explain everything in a familiar format. Note that this includes the Expansion for SI, which is a separate plug-in requiring Shivering Isles.

Notes and known problems specific to the beta

If you want use a character that has already completed the Siren's Deception, use "SetStage MS04 140" to resurrect Tsarrina for another chance. This will also unlock the farm door, so that you can go talk to her to start the quest.

There are as yet no voice files. I'd suggest using Elys' Universal Silent Voice until they are created.

There are known clipping/seam problems with some costumes, and the texture maps for the maid outfit are preliminary, but I can test these myself, so I need everyone else to help out checking the things I can't do alone.

Some quests are only possible at certain stages of the regular game. Prizna's quest can only be done while the Bravil Oblivion gate is open, and Juliana's requires Dreugh Wax, which is not available until about level 18. Dark-Eyes is not hired until Tolisi Girith (a Mythic Dawn sleeper agent) is dead, so you must be in the right range on the main quest for that, or she must have died earlier. To do Freija's quest, you must be the GrandChampion of the Arena. However, there are more girls than Tsarrina needs, so it should be possible to play the connecting quest to completion with any existing character.

I'm working on AI packages to stop Falanu from following you upstairs every time you visit her sister. Nothing works yet.

Several characters change clothes at various points in their quests. These are sometimes not happening at the right time.

The bath in the sub-basement will get used later once I've done the required animations for using it. At the moment, I can't get the exporter from MAX to work, so they're trapped in there.

The quests for the Guild heads (Arch-mage, Fighter's Guild Master, and DB listener) each have one of the girls accompany you.


The mod is now package as a BAIN archive, so it can easily be installed through Wrye Bash, or manually as below:

  1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
  2. Copy files in the Data folder to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
  3. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file(s).

If installing after the Siren's Deception quest has been completed, use "SetStage MS04 140" to resurrect Tsarrina inside Gweden Farm and unlock the door.


Use Wrye Bash or

  1. Use the command "SetStage GS01Brothel 250" from the console to re-enable any disabled content from the original game, and relocate anything moved.
  2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file(s).
  3. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.


From 0.9 or earlier - start these two quests from the console

If you are installing this mod for the first time, the doors will have the correct ownership set by the quests as you proceed and the customer quest will be started automatically when there are girls to serve them. Do not start the quests from the console unless you already have a game started using an earlier version.


The Siren's Deception mod supplies its own alternate ending to the SIren's Deception quest, allowing you to join the gang. I don't see any way to make the two endings possible at the same time.

Apparently The Blackwood Company replaces Viranus Donton with a clone at some point in one of its quests, in the same way that this one does with Maeva the Buxom and Tsarrina. After that, the original is not available for Juliana's quest. It may still be possible for both to work if you do the quests in the right order. However, it doesn't look patchable to make it work all the time. Version 0.94 adds new NPC's at Blackwood Company Hall after the quest "The Hist" which could be a further incompatibility.

The addition of the Leyawiin docks, and use of the Lucky Old Lady in Bravil, introduce a potential for incompatibility with Open Cities. This has been scripted for, but I have tested only with Open Cities Classic (3.3.3), and Open Cities Reborn, and there may be issues with other versions.

Open Cities Reborn or Leyawiin Reborn can both be used with this mod. One of the ships in the docks becomes the Damsel.

Leyawiin Harbor (part of Bananasplit's Better Cities) is currently incompatible with this mod because of its own addition of docks to Leyawiin. It is possible that a patch will be produced later that place the Damsel in the other docks.

Tanya's mod All Things Alchemical Ruin as Player Home will also conflict with this mod.

Most of the changes are inside Gweden Farm, where they should be safe, but there are some outside.

Known Issues or Bugs

While play-testing this, a couple of times I've found the door to the farm locked, and quest MS04 has become reset to stage 40. So far I've not tracked down a cause. Just reset the stage to 120 and continue, there appear to be no other side-effects that will interfere with the game. This may have been cured by splitting the quest script in 0.98.


0.12009/07Initial beta build.
0.22009/08/08Initial beta release.
0.22009/08/10Bug fixes start.

Bugs fixed:





0.7 New quest added!

0.8 Another new quest added!












Best method is on the Forums at TesNexus or Bethsoft.


Tools Used

3D Studio Max
DDS Converter
TES Construction Set
Readme Generator


You can do whatever you want with this mod, except expect it to work properly.