Rumple Mod

NameRumple Mod
DateJuly 2nd, 2011
RequirementsOblivion Patch 1.1.511, OBSE 18+ (20 recommended)


Adds an "Imperial Legion Mountain Rider" (the Rumple Minze girl) on a patrol between Lipsand Tarn and the Hermaeus Mora shrine, plus several of her colleagues.

This version of the mod has support for Surazal's Sensual Walks built-in, so you no longer need an extra plug-in.


Between Lipsand Tarn and Hermaeus Mora's Shrine - but she'll wander a bit. The two new girls patrol either side of Silver Tooth Cave in the mountains North of Cheydinhal, and a fourth is just recruited and waiting to be supplied with her bear. More join in later quests.


It all starts with a blonde in skimpy "heavy" armor, riding a polar bear, and armed with a Silver Claymore, plus a few similar colleagues. The women and the bears are members of the Imperial Legion faction, and the AI is based on the horse patrols.

The original blonde is based on a print advertisement for "Rumple Minze" Peppermint Schnapps from the 1980's as below. She will not wield her weapon when mounted and has no shield because the two-handed claymore looks better. She is carrying 10 bottles of peppermint schnapps, which is like Cyrodilic Brandy with added Frost resistance.

In-game she appears a little less exuberant, but still recognisable.

The mod has expanded quite a bit, with more Riders, a headquarters building near Bruma, and a lot more quests. For those who have Shivering Isles, there is an extra series of quests that can be done when the player is both Champion of Cyrodiil, and Madgod.

More information in the Fake Wiki.


This mod is now supplied as a BAIN archive.


If upgrading from 0.4, and using Sensual Walks, you can uncheck RumpleMod Vwalk.esp, as the content is already in this one.


No known incompatibilities. The patrols were selected so as not to include any quest locations where they could affect the outcome.

Known Issues or Bugs

Each girl will wander off her regular parol route if attacked or threatened. She can get separated from her mount if either slide down the mountains, or are killed and respawn. This may make her hard to find!

She runs all the time because the mounted bear walk animation isn't working properly. If I get it fixed, I'll probably slow her down in a later release.

It appears that if she is the wrong side of the bear she will attempt to walk through trying to remount. This just pushes the bear sideways and she can take some time getting around it. This may be a cause of her wandering off her patrol.


0.12008/10/24Initial beta release.
0.22008/9/3Moved from Ninendava to Lipsand Tarn to avoid Sancre Tor. Modified the Grid Paths to minimise the wandering.
0.32008/9/12Changed bear to level with character.
0.42009/8/24Patrol route waypoints to avoid wander. Norasa dances when drunk. Return to origin AI package added.
0.52010/5/8Two extra girls added with no new quest, and one more with a quest.
0.62011/3/??Many extra quests, and the SI extensions
0.7Split SI from base - BAIN install


Best method is via the forums at Bethsoft and TesNexus


Tools Used

3D Studio Max
DDS Converter
TES Construction Set
Readme Generator


You can do whatever you want with this mod but don't complain to me if it doesn't work or your PC blows up.