Skyrim: Orc Stronghold staff

Wise Woman

Yarob joins you at the stronghold after you rescue her from Hervik's Lair. As Wise Woman, she acts somewhat like the steward at the regulat Hearthfire homes, in that she hires the other staff when you request her to do so.

The staff available are a Smith, a Hunter, and a Guard. You can choose the gender of each one via the dialog options, and Yarob will install a shrine to Dibella in her hut where you can set the outfits for your entire staff. Yarob also has a choice of robes, or furs.

The male staff will be titled Smith, Hunter, and Guard, whereas the females will be tagged as Forge-wife, Hunts-wife, and Shield-wife, in line with Orc traditions.

Once the Stronghold itself has a full staff, talking to Yarob again lets you find out about the nearby abandoned mine. Clear the rubble outside with a pickaxe, and you'll get access to the mine door, and mark it on your map. Yarob will then recruit miners to work there, if you ask nicely. The miners outfits are also controlled by the Dibella Shrine.

Wise Woman Standard
Wise Woman Topless
Wild Woman
Wise Woman Standard
Wise Woman Topless
Wild Woman

Smith, Hunter, Guard

The smith will remain at the forge most of the day, but should sanbox around the various stations, and the chair. There's a sleep package for the basement at night. Town/Country choice does affect the smith.

Male Smith (Garok)
Forge-wife Grash
Forge-wife Grash topless

The Hunter has a bow, and also carries a knife for dressing the carcases. Apart from a daily archery practice session, and a night's sleep in the basement, you could find the hunter working on the deer carcase. The hunter's outit will be leather or fur depending on the tow/country choice at Dibella's shrine.

Male Hunter Bolnag
Hunts-wife Slimak
Slimak Topless

The guard wears Orcish plate or Steel, in varying degrees of coverage, and never seems to sleep.

Male Guard Okrash
Shield-wife Balgra
Balgra Topless


The three miners all get recruited together, and you don't get the choice of gender. They only have the one bedroll, so they take turns to sleep.

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