Skyrim: Rescue Yarob

icon-Miscellaneous.png Find the missing woman.
Location(s): Greenspring Stronghold, Hervik's Lair
Reward: Staff for the stronghold
ID: BYOSRescueYarobQuest
Yarob Released

Quick Walkthrough

  1. Receive a letter from Atub
  2. Find the Lair.
  3. Grind throught the draugr.
  4. Default Yarob/Hervik
  5. Recruit her as Wise Woman

Detailed Walkthrough

Atub's Letter

After you make the entire content of the Wise Woman's hut (her bed, alchemy lab, and enchanter), and then level up, a courier will bring a letter from Atub, Wise Woman of Larhashbur. It will tell you that her niece, Yarob, has stopped writing home, and Atub is concerned. It suggests where she might have gone, and asks you to look for her, and possibly adopt her as one of your new tribe.

Find the Lair

You will find Hervik's Lair on the trail that leads around the back side of the Throat of the World, from the Imperial camp near Whiterun, to the Giant camp at Cradlecrush.

Rescue Yarob

There aren't many draugr at first, but they are just waiting further in. You'll have to retrieve a key from a mini-boss down one passage, and then backtrack to the door it opens. Hervik is waiting just a short way past that door. Except that it isn't exactly Hervik, but Yarob wearing his mask. The mask grants his power, but is cursed, and controls its wearer. You need to defeat her, so that she can be rid of it. When she takes a knee, the mask will fall off, and she'll pick it up, place it on a brazier, and use fire and shock spells to destroy it.

Wise Woman

Talk to her, and get the story, and she'll join your stronghold as Wise Woman. Once she arrives there, she acts like a steward at the normal Hearthfires homes, and lets you recruit extra staff. Additional items are enabled in her hut, including shrines to Malacath, and Dibella, the latter with an Orcish tone.


  • The mask that she is wearing is not available to the player, because she destroys it. It has a unique model with added tusks, and provides her with some/most of her power as an opponent.
  • The dragonpriestess outfit is likewise unavailable after this encounter.


  • Finding them is your job!

Quest Stages

Rescue Yarod (BYOSRescueQuest)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Read the letter from Atub
30 Find Hervik's Lair
50 Find Yarob in Hervik's Lair
70 Speak to Yarob
100 Finishes quest Yarob relocates to stronhold
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