This mod acts as a continuation of the Thieves Guild quest line. The ending of that is a good one for Corvus and Millona, but the player needs some more to do. Nocturnal has the answer, and visits you in your new Guildmaster's apartment with a summon to her shrine, where you'll learn more. This starts a new sequence of quests to steal or otherwise retrieve several artifacts, some of which are for her own purposes, and some for the other Daedric princes, especially her sister, Azura.

This series of quests doesn't reach any real conclusion, either, but does at least leave you with several repeatable tasks, such as collecting Deadric artifacts, which you can finally sell, and Nocturnal will also buy Vampire dust at the going rate.

According to the in-game book, Purloined Shadows, which gives the background for the Cowl, Nocturnal likes to party naked. She'll arrive topless, and when you meet Azura she will be dressed likewise. The Seducers at their courts will be naked when they sprout their wings, just like thos in Daggerfall. There is other nudity in the mod, where appropraite.

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Mod as last uploaded to the Nexus.

The readme has not been updated, so references to the Nexus site are obsolete. This is now the only legitimate source.

The mod is packaged as a BAIN archive, because I use Wrye Bash. That is compatible with other mod managers, but may require some extra work. I will NOT ve re-packaging any of my mods for other managers, especialy not Nexus ones.