A mashup of severl items that I made for a particular character. L'wanda was a Redguard that settled in the Grazelands to hunt daedra in the traditional way, with a short spear, a hide shield and no armour.

Morrowind does have an unarmored skill, but most of the rest was a problem. There were no short spears, using a shield conflicted with "unarmored", and there was nowhere suitable to live in the Grazelands. Construction Set to the rescue! I made her an outfit, which didn't take long, and then moved on to the rest. I found a mod that swapped skill levelling with a script, and adapted it to support using sword animations with a short spear, while advancing the spear skill. The shield has a script that modifies her stats to nullify the effect of using it while unarmored, as it proved impossible to have the game ignore the item. And finally, I retextured and adapted a Yurt with a whicker/thatched look as her hut. It wasn't easy to find a spot for it that was safe from the wildlife, but I finally found one.

There is a Wiki Page that describes the short spears.

L'wanda at Ald'ruhn.

Hut in the Grazelands.

I see you already met the witch.

Outer side of the shield.

Inner side of the shield.

Still a WIP. No download yet.