It started with Lara Croft

My first mod for Dungeon Siege evolved into a Lara Croft look-alike, hence the site name. Since then, I've hacked a number of models, one of which became part of Xaa's Lands of Hyperborea 3. I've attempted to make maps, but I find that part of modding tedious, and I'm likely to stick to making new characters, good or evil (and sometimes both). Much of my recent work has become part of Abstraction.

So most of what you will find here is models, or about making models. There are tutorials and notes on how to use gmax and the Siege Max plug-in, as well as some models you can download and use in your own maps.

I have also started work on a siegelet featuring Lara and a lot of gratuitous sex. There's a Bunny club, pole dancers, a mugger/rapist and a lot of "ladies of the evening". She still has to battle her way through wild animals who think she looks tasty, as well as dealing with men who think the same way. I'll post the printable parts of my progress in the blog section, as well as writing tutorials whenever I think anyone else could use the knowledge I've clawed from the game in building it.

Lara 3