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So far I have - in various degrees of completion:

The one that started it all
a woman/snake cross reusing the Kell animations
Intended as a companion for the evil Naja.
Wanda the Waitress
a hireable NPC to adventure with Lara, and get into trouble from which she will need to be rescued.
Lactri Spawn
a smaller version of Xaa's Lactri spliced from a Mucosa lower half, and a farmgirl top half. Now appearing in LoH 3.0 as the Illuminati, with a slightly changed texture. You can even transform your (female dark elf) player character into one of these.
Battle Santa
was intended for a Christmas map, maybe with a re-skinned Goblin playing the role of an elf.
Little Bo Peep
again a Christmas idea that never worked out.
Little Red Riding Hood
The final part of the Xmas party. (Hates wolves)
There have to be female goblins, right? Well this is my idea of what they're like.

You'll find a number more in the Bestiary at the Abstraction site. I didn't make the Balrog, that was an enlarged gargoyle, but most of the rest is of my making, and the Succubus Queen has developed a new life of her own.

And as an aside, there's BabeWatch. The model evolved into a character in the Halloween Special that Charietto made the map for, and I did the models.

Lara 3