Morrowind: Devilish and Divine

Diablita and Angeline

This pair of companions are sisters, but they couldn't be more different.

Diablita has horns, hooves, red skin and a tail. She wears nothing, and carries a pitchfork (staff weapon).

Angeline has flaxen hair and wears lace.

By The Elder Scrolls rules of genetics, they resemble their respective mothers, but have a common father.

It all starts after you find the pair in a shipwreck a little north of Seyda Neen.

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These two started as a companion mod for TES IV: Oblivion, but it never happened. The main roadblocks were lack of suitable voice actors, and intractable bugs in the scripts that controlled the locational banter. Headless invisible dead sheep may have worked for Vilja, but mine kept doing things they shouldn't.

However, when I bought the Anthology edition, I started to play Morrowind. Er, no I didn't, because it wouldn't give me a cursor, so it wasn't playable, and I got into Skyrim instead, even with Steam getting involved. I wrote several mods for Skyrim, and Diablita made an appearance in my own games, and fan fiction (See Clark's stories in Oblivion and Skyrim).

Finally, the upgrade from Win 8 to Win 10 on my laptop made Morrowind work at last, and I started playing a Dunmer based on Silanu, from Clark's story in Cyrodiil. Eventually, after a few more characters, I made a Diablita race, and made her the player character, complete with some pitchforks, so that I could exploit thhe presence of the Spear skill. Then I had to balance that with an Angeline game, and once I found Grumpy's companion template on Emma's site, I had to start making a companion mod.


The pair of them use the Unarmored skill, as their outfits (or lack of one) are the primary feature, and so they need to compensate for that. The usual skill leveling in Grumpy's scripts is modified to make Unarmored match the player's highest armor skill, which could also be Unarmored, if you prefer. This generally means that they don't attempt to wear any armor you give to them, as it wouldn't do them any good.

Their other skills use the origial formulae, as I see no reason to doubt the settings. They get higher skills than the player, to make up for lack of choice in other areas. Diablita has a bias/preference for Spear, of course.

Angeline is a Breton, complete with voice. She gets the race's magic resistance, and voice.

Diablita is her own race, and has the Dunmer's fire resistance, and the Bosmer's voice - mainly to make it distinct from her sister's.