The Clark Chronicles

The Gweden Report described the adventures of a reporter, who was not the player character in TES IV - Oblivion. The Clark Chronicles relate to his adventures many years later in Skyrim (TES V) where he is not the Dragonborn. By this time, he is a successful businessman; merchant, brothel-owner, manufacturer of various goods. He has interests in several provinces, mainly in the remaining Empire, but perhaps a few hidden away in Dominion territory, too.

Several of the old characters show up, most as recollections, as they'd be long dead of old age, but a few elven and other folks will still be alive. Unlike the previous tale, the roles of individual quest-line heros are not combined, but multiple characters, some familiar, some not, fill them.

Published by the Black Horse Courier Press - no longer a broadsheet in the Imperial Capital, but an independent book publisher, run by a family of Khajiit entrepreneurs, with financial backing from the Earl of Gweden.

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