The Rumple Mod

The Rumple Mod is my first mod for the game of TES IV: Oblivion. It was inspired by a print ad for Rumple Minze schnapps, which I took as a challenge to add the girl depicted as a "legitimate" part of the game.

The armor ended up quite similar to that, but the game makes her choose between the two-handed sword and the shield. It also doesn't let her use the sword while she's mounted.

The stories are all told from the point of view of a writer (the reporter of the Gweden Report) as he puts them down in a book of stories about the Imperial Legion Mountain Riders. They all seem to involve the Hero of Kvatch in some way, which is one of the reasons for the publication of the book. They all happen before the reporter got involved with Gweden and they were recounted to him by the girls (and Timo). The book is published by the Black Horse Courier's press, and issued as a subscription, one chapter at a time, with the offer of free binding if you get all the chapters.

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