The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim

Mods by ghastley

Note that the "wiki" here is more up-to-date than the downloads. The walkthroughs etc. are written as I build the mods so they are more current than the available versions, which need testing, packaging for installation etc. before they're ready for others to use. The copy that's included with a download is in sync with the contents of the mod at that point.

There is also a page of notes on how to make a Hearthfires home mod of your own.

Some, but not all, have been ported to Special Edition. I didn't bother doing the outfits, as that really means doing higher-resolution textures, which is laborious, so those only get done when I want to play them. Hulk Out! is reliant on some SKSE functions for the transformation, so it can't be done until the 64-bit version of that is available. Archmage Amulet may also get ported soon, if I get round to playing a mage in SE.

There are XBox1 ports of the Hearthfires mods, as it's just a case of doing an additional archive build for that platform. None of them can ever go to PS4, as the whole thing is script-driven, and many have additional meshes and/or textures.

These mods also feature in some fan fiction I've written, and posted at Chorrol and Haven.