Skyrim: Diablo Succubus

This mod is inspired by the lowest levels of Diablo I, where the succubi roam. In the Elder Scrolls world, a Succubus is a variety of Daedra Seducer, whose wings are a constant aspect, but are vestigial, and serve only to help balance the weight of their prodigious boobs.

The same varieties of Succubi re present, as well as some of the named boss-level ones who are distinguished here by having horns, although the originals were merely a little larger than their sisters.

The entire story line of the mod revolves around large boobs, as you are asked to rescue a woman who has been "blessed by Dibella" to a degree that she finds excessive. The priestesses and acolytes at the Monastery of Dibella are all large-breasted and topless, and two Daedric princesses - Azura and Nocturnal - make an appearance to show solidarity, and their boobies, too.


The end boss, Andariel, wasn't in Diablo I, where you meet Diablo himself after passing the Succubi. I took her from Diablo II, where she was the final boss of an intermediate level of the game.

She has two spells, both of which are poison-based. Her regular poisons stars are simialr to the ordinary Succubus elemental stars, but she also has a poison cloud spell, with an area effect.

The Succubi are levelled, and are accompanied in most areas by levelled draugr. Each type has a similar, but slightly different spell. All share a component of slowing the target, but the various kinds add elemental damage that is specific to the type of Succubus wielding it. The elemental stars are slow-moving, but cost nothing to cast, so they will use a lot of them. Each type of Succubus has a degree of resistance to the element used in their own spell, which also levels with them.


The Succubus has pale gold skin, wears black, and casts a spell with a fire component. The mini-boss Witchmoon guards the mines, with her draugr and Succubus team.

Snow Witch

The Snow Witch has blue skin, wears black, and casts a frost spell. The mini-boss BlackJade is accompanied by two Snow Witches, and shares their spell (at a higher level).

Hell Spawn
Red Vex

The Hell Spawn has rosy skin, wears red, and casts a fire spell. The mini-boss Red Vex has an entorage of Hell Spawn and shares their spell (leveled up, of course).

Soul Burner
Stareye the Witch

Soul Burners have pale skin, wear blue, and cast a shock spell.

There are two mini-bosses, Stareye the WItch, and Witchfire, each with a couple of the ordinary Soul Burners in attendance.