Fan Fiction

As i create the mods, I'm usually testing out the NPC's by playing them as characters, and often writing the narrative of the quests as stories, to see how they play out. These have grown a life of their own.

  • Oblivion
    • Bear Riders - the stories of each of the riders, and a number of other characters in the mod.
    • The Gweden Report - a young reporter tells us the stories from the Gweden Brothel mod, and others.
  • Skyrim
    • The Clark Chronicles - continued adventures of the ex-reporter. He is not the Dragonborn.
    • Kothet's Story - I made a playable Dremora to experience the Hearthfires mod. He is the Dragonborn.
    • Cat Man Dhou - the recipient of the Khajiit Hearthfires wagon.
  • ESO