The Rumple Mod

The Rumple Mod takes its inspiration from a print advertisement for Rumple Minze peppermint schnapps from the 1980's. That showed a "lightly armoured" blonde riding a polar bear, and brandishing a large sword. Since Oblivion already had both Nord women and white bears, I just needed a bit more justification to add her to the game. I wanted to create a mod of my own, and this was the opportunity to create new meshes, scripts etc. = a bit of everything.

The mod was released with just one quest, when the player found the worshippers at Hermaeus Mora's shrine. If you noticed the empty bottles and asked Norasa, she'd have you buy another from the patrolling bear rider.

Well, if there's one patrol, then there should be more. A number of additional riders were added for routes in the Jerrals, together with quests for the player. Then they needed a base to take some R&R, and I created the Bear Rider Lodge, and its staff. The cadre of riders expanded with a recruitment office in the city, and several more quests that didn't need a patrol route - finding new ones was becoming a problem. And before long a link was made to the Gweden mod, and lines get blurred after that.

Read more about the mod in the Fake Wiki, and read more of the story too.

I haven't found any pictures that aren't already in the Wiki, but I'll keep the tab, just in case..

Mod as last uploaded to the Nexus.

The readme has not been updated, so references to the Nexus site are obsolete. This is now the only legitimate source.

The mod is packaged as a BAIN archive, because I use Wrye Bash. That is compatible with other mod managers, but may require some extra work. I will NOT ve re-packaging any of my mods for other managers, especialy not Nexus ones.