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I started making mods for earlier games, mostly for myself, but found an active community making them for Dungeon Siege, by Gas Powered Games. That was one of the first to enourage user-made mods, providing a toolkit so they could be made properly and not break the regular game. They continued into its expansion, and with DS II, but then sold out to Obsidian, who made DS III without mod support, (and ruined the game at the same time).

So I switched to TES IV: Oblivion, which was fairly new at that time. My first mod was a deliberate attempt to do everything the toolkit/Contruction Set allowed - new meshes, new textures, new quests, etc. It grew into The Rumple Mod, and spawned a few others, for the same game.

When TES V: Skyrim came out, I didn't get it immediately, as I was not keen on the involvement of Steam, and saw no point in playing a single-player game online. So I decided to go in the opposite direction, and make mods for TES III: Morrowind, instead. That had disappeared from the shops, so I went one further back, and made a playable Orc mod for TES II: Daggerfall, instead.

When the Anthology Edition came out, I bought a copy, intending to fill that Morrowind gap, but it would not run on my gaming machine, or rather, it ran, but showed no cursor, so it was unplayable. In desperation, I installed the copy of Skyrim instead and wrote several mods for that. Morrowind did eventually right itself, and I have some content for that game.

And that is why the mods are in the order below. It's the chronological order of the mods, not of the games.

This site

When the Nexus introduced its policy of not allowing mod developers to delete their own work, Arthmoor pulled everything he'd produced, leaving only the Unofficial patches (which were joint efforts with others) and maybe a couple more. His mods are hosted at AFK Mods, and I'm a member there, too. I chose to pull my mods from Nexus, and I'm hosting them myself, but I don't have a forum of my own.

Initially, the same copy of the mod that was posted at the Nexus will be downloadable from here, but the readme's will still state that the mod can only be downloaded from the Nexus, and to contact me there. Before I get round to re-packaging them all, here's a blanket override to that notice. You can't upload a copy anywhere else, and that now includes the Nexus. I can be reached by PM's at AFK Mods, or Lovers Lab where appropriate, and my mods can be discussed on either forum,

I may not get notified if anyone starts a new thread about one of my mods, but eventually I'll notice, and others will help.

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