Mods by ghastley

Quest Mods

  • The Rumple Mod - the Imperial Legion Mountain Riders use bears for mounts.
  • Gweden Brothel - end the Sirens' Deception quest a different way and start a whole new line of quests.
  • Evergloam - an extension of the Thieves Guild questline into Nocturnal's service.
  • Falkreath - a stand-alone version of one of the quests from Gweden/Rumple.
  • Warrior Nuns - a pair of short quests that feature the nuns of Dibella.
  • D and D (WIP) - sister companions, with a few quests for you.


  • Shop Windows of Cyrodiil - what it says on the can,
  • Filled apparatus - some of them animated with bubbling liquid.
  • Portable Candle - a more refined alternative to the regular torch.
  • Arena Poster - made for the Wobbly Goblet mod (by mALX). When you find the charcoal or paintbrush, you can add to it.
  • Pickpocket a shirt - also for Wobbly Goblet/Lucky Mudcrab. The sisters' clothing can be pickpocketed.
  • Stripper - made as a proof of concept for the Bear Riders, and available separately.
  • Vampirella outfit - because every vampire needs one. I did the same for all the TES games.