Mods by ghastley

Not all of the mods exist for both Legendary Edition (LE) and Special Edition(SE) of Skyrim. I always build the mods for LE and then convert to SE as it doesn't work as easily the other way round. So the incomplete and newer ones may only have an LE version available. Some of them were also ported to Xbox, and are still on Bethesda's site. None of them would work within Sony's limitations (mostly scripting), so no Playstation ports exist.

The Hearthfires Series

Other Quest mods

Resources etc.

  • Archmage Amulet - an alternative to the robes for those who'd prefer not to be seen dead in those.
  • Hulk out! - the Old Orc leaves behind a book that teaches an appropriate spell.
  • Dibella Sanctum - new outfits for the priestesses at the Markarth Temple. And one for you.
  • Vampirella outfit - in case that's your idea of a vampire.
  • Alik'r Dancer - an outfit for a female Redguard
  • Alik'r Heavy - mashup of Steel Plate and Alik'r armours, with a new helm.
  • Vampire Peel - a set of progressively reduced outfits so Serana can undress.
  • Orc Hair - just the Wise Woman's hairstyle with HDT
  • Orc Child - an Orcish orphan you can adopt.

Works In Progress

All these are projects that were started but not completed - i.e not yet adequately playable. Assets may become resources, or the mod may get finished, who knows?

  • Bear Riders - join the Skyrim chapter, and ride a bear.
  • Markarth Arena - Watch and bet on gladiatorial contests
  • Thieves Guild continued - further quests, including turning Riftweald Manor into a gambling club
  • Smurf Hearthfires - grow a toadstool house and furnish it
  • New Dragon Club - Solitude branch of the Imperial one from my Gweden mod for Oblivion
  • Red Witch - a pirate ship and crew
  • Apocrypha Hearthfires - Build Your Own Library, with a Librarian.
  • Dunmer Hearthfires - Severin Manor as a Hearthfires build
  • Summer Mage - robes for female mages to wear in warmer areas (no pants, short sleeves).