ESO characters

This is an attempt to capture the static aspects of the characters that will not change as they progress through the game, or else I'll constantly be updating the pages.

That's not to say they won't get updates, but only when a character takes a significant change in direction, such as changing their weapon skill, or switching from healer to DPS, or vice-versa.

I have a character of each race, and each of the base game's classes. Warden and Necromancer have been added now, too. They all have reached level 50, and they can all craft at level 50, too. Laurie and Blossom have researched the complete set of traits, except for Blossom not knowing a few for Jewelry.

Each character has their own home, decorated (some sparsely at present) in their racial style. We also have Hunding's Palatial Hall as a common base (account default) with all the standard crafting stations installed in the courtyard.