An Unexpected Orgy

The reporter for the Black Horse Courier was a bit apprehensive about taking Sugar for a night's drinking. Or rather, about what would happen afterward. She'd clearly been holding back earlier, and saving herself for Gorthag. She might not be so considerate after a few drinks. But he agreed anyway, and they set off for the Waterfront, taking in quite a few taverns along the way.

By the time they reached the Bloated Float, they were both walking carefully and leaning on each for support. Ormil, the patron of the place, was delighted to see Sugar again, and found them a table where everyone could see them. He asked the reporter if he was planning any drinking contests with her.

"Ormil won't ever let me forget about that Nord," Sugar told him. "He was trying to get me drunk, so he wouldn't have to pay me. He almost succeeded, but after we'd both had a few, and I mean a lot, I was finding it hard to stay in my low-cut blouse."

The reporter nodded, he'd first seen her threatening to burst out of it at Gweden, and wondered how she ever managed.

"Anyhow, when it did happen, it got the guy's full attention, and I was able to pour most of my tankard into his without him noticing. So I started doing it deliberately, and pretty soon he was doing all the drinking. When he passed out, Ormil helped me carry him down to a bunk."

Ormil carried on for her. "In the morning, I complained to him about how noisy his activities had been. We completely convinced him he'd had the night of his life, and just couldn't remember any of it. I threatened to charge him extra for his room because of disturbing the other guests!"

Ormil and Sugar both chuckled at the memory of the poor Nord's face when he heard that.

"What I didn't tell Sugar at the time is that the rest of us were all watching and laying bets. On how many drinks he could take, how many times she'd pop out, and whether she'd show us both at once."

"Oh, I could see that everyone was watching," replied Sugar. "I was too drunk to care, and anyhow it never hurts to show potential customers what's on offer. I don't remember if I did flash the pair, though."

Methredhel remembered. "When he fell off his chair, you leaned over the table to see where he'd gone. That's when it happened."

"Oh, right!" exclaimed Sugar, as it came back to her . "And when everyone cheered, I thought at first that you were just applauding my victory in the drinking contest."

Methredhel sighed "If only we'd all been in one of the taverns in the City. We all could have had a lot more fun."

The man she was with asked her what she meant. Methredhel told him that breasts are a great distraction for what she liked to do. She unbuttoned her tunic, took the man's hand and slipped it inside. Then she dangled his coin-purse in front of his face, having just picked his pocket while his attention was elsewhere. He grabbed for it (with his other hand), but she tossed to Ormil and told him to buy everyone a drink. "In the City, I could have kept it," she told him "but there's no thieving allowed on the Waterfront."

"So what did you just do?"

"Encourage you to be generous. There's a difference."

He looked a bit annoyed, but his hand stayed inside her tunic. He decided he liked the way things were going, and he wasn't getting a bad deal. When the drinks arrived, they came with with the remainder of his money, too. But now he wanted that hand back to hold his tankard. Methredhel let him swap. If she couldn't indulge in a bit of thievery, this had its appeal, too

She'd apparently struck the right mood for the crowd, for when their tankards were nearly empty, Adanrel unlaced her shirt, and asked who wanted to buy the next round. Much to her delight, she got two volunteers, and their hands were warm! They'd almost agreed to split paying for the drinks, when the other women objected. They all wanted to be the benefactor. That looked like fun!

Before it turned into a cat fight, Methredhel called for order. They'd make a proper contest of it. The women all lined up at the bar and took their tops off, so the men could bid on who'd be next. Methredhel and Sugar weren't really eligible for the contest, but they joined the line, too.

Methredhel announced the rules. "No illusion spells. No Feather. spells at all. Hold your hands behind your backs, and breathe normally. The men will vote by show of hands. No not like that, just raise them in the air, cheeky!"

Sugar's were the largest, and her well-developed pectoral muscles pushed them out even further. But on her large frame, they just looked well-proportioned, and the others all had that. The more slender Bosmers' were the smallest, but they were all high and firm. The men's personal preferences were just as diverse, and that showed in the voting. And of course, some of the men knew in advance who they'd have to support, or face the consequences!

There wasn't a clear winner, so they had to think of something else.

Jair had a proposal. Since they were all equally wonderful, if the women would keep their tops off, the men would keep paying for the drinks. "We'll just pass the hat, and share it out equally."

Praxedes saw a problem with that. She was wearing a dress, and couldn't just take off the top half. She had it peeled down to her waist, but she needed to hold it up all the time. "And if I take it all off, I expect you to buy me dinner as well!" Armand was going to do that anyway, so he extended Jair's idea to paying for the food.

Ormil saw his opportunity, and quoted a reasonable price for all they could eat and drink for the rest of the evening. The men went into a quick huddle to count coins before agreeing.

Praxedes dropped her dress to great applause. Methredhel let her man take the rest of her things off, and the others were soon naked, too. Sugar, who could strip faster than any of them, being a professional, decided to take it further. She lifted the reporter out of his chair and began taking off his clothes, too.

The established couples, like Armand and Praxedes, left first. They'd just go back to their cabins and continue in private. A few newly-formed ones did the same thing, and Sugar and he were soon left among those who couldn't, or wouldn't, choose. Adanrel seemed to be making up for lost time, and wanted everybody. Besides, she didn't want to interrupt Methredhel and her guy by going home too soon.

Minx was a Dunmer, and nobody expected her to limit herself to one. Selene, the Imperial, was more of a mystery. She seemed to be enjoying all the attention she was getting, but her mind was clearly on other things. He fulfilled her needs and went to round up Sugar.

A groan from the corner told him her partner was done, too. He paid Ormil for a cabin and took Sugar below deck to sleep it all off.

They were wakened by the gentle rocking of the ship, as if it were out at sea. When they tried the cabin door they found it locked, but Sugar had learned to pick a lock while she was living on the Waterfront, and soon had it opened.

The man outside the cabin drew a sword as they emerged. The reporter tried to persuade him not to use it, but it was Sugar's fist to the side of his head that did the trick. They tied the unconscious man up in the cabin and crept up to the tavern deck to find out what was going on. Minx, the Dunmer he'd "met" the night before, was there in a suit of leather armor, with lots of extra straps. She recognized him immediately, and as she'd rather liked their time together, she was reluctant to use the sword she'd drawn.

She made a half-hearted swing at him anyway. He easily blocked her attack with the sword he'd taken from the bandit below deck, and Sugar grabbed her from behind. They took her down and tied her up, too. Strangely, she seemed to enjoy that.

The bandit up at the wheel saw the two coming at him, armed with the weapons they'd taken, and just dived overboard to avoid a fight. He didn't like the odds. Sugar and the reporter went across the deck to the captain's cabin.

They were about to burst in, when moans of ecstasy, in what sounded like Selene's voice, stopped them. Unlike last night, she seemed to be fully engaged with her partner, whoever it was. They decided to let them finish.

A little while later, Selene's head appeared around the door, looking for Minx. She was obviously startled to see the two of them instead, but quickly figured out what had happened when she recognized the swords in their hands. "OK, I give up," she said. "Take me away."

She confessed to having planned to rob the ship, tavern, whatever it was. She was sure it must be making a good pot of gold with all the customers she saw frequenting it. But she'd changed her mind when she met Ormil. She liked him immediately, and she'd really hoped that he'd join his customers in last night's orgy. She wanted to get to know him better, but he'd been too busy serving everyone food and drink. So she'd cornered him in his cabin today, while the gang were searching the rest of the ship for valuables.

She apologized to Ormil for forcing herself on him, but he told her that she'd done him a great service. Sugar cracked up at that. It had certain sounded like "great service".

Ormil saw the joke, too, but he meant it. He'd been too focused on running his business, and wasn't making any time to enjoy himself. Or anyone else. She'd made him realize what he was missing.

And he admired anyone with her determination to get what she wanted. That was a good trait in a businesswoman. Clearly that wasn't all he liked about her. He'd completely forgive everything, including her part in the attempted robbery, if she'd just be prepared to negotiate next time. That should be soon, please.

"Where's Graman?" he asked. Graman gro-Marad was the Bloated Float's only crew-member. He was the bouncer, and cook's assistant, or whatever Ormil needed at the time. They went looking for him and found him locked in the storage room below deck. Ormil was relieved, as Graman was the only one who knew how to steer the ship back to the dock.

That reminded them about the bandit that had jumped overboard. Selene said that he was called Wrath, and named the first one they'd encountered as Lynch. They couldn't just leave Wrath in the bay to drown, so they went up on deck to see if he was still near the ship. He was, clinging to the rudder. Graman put down a rowboat so they could tow him back to the dock. They debated putting Lynch and Minx in the rowboat too, but decided to leave them where they were.

Back at the Waterfront, with the Bloated Float tied up at her moorings again, the Watch took Wrath, Lynch and Minx away for a few days in jail. They'd only pressed a charge of stealing, as that's all they'd actually managed, so they'd all be out pretty soon. Minx whispered to the reporter before they took her away that she'd like him to tie her up again, when she got out.

Ormil and Selene had a reward for them. Selene's sword, the Blackwater Blade, was a nicely enchanted longsword that the reporter might find useful. She didn't see herself using it any more. Ormil had a decent amount of cash for Sugar, too. Last night's fun had brought in a good profit, and it was all her "fault".

With Selene's help in the tavern, Ormil would have more time to spend on the important things in life. Like Selene. So if the Bloated Float wasn't open at all hours in future, they'd understand, wouldn't they?

Sugar and the reporter set off back towards the Red Dragon Club, bypassing the bars this time.