New Sheoth Brothel - Demented

Along the corridor were side-passages that led to bedrooms. All were unoccupied, and the corridor was silent. At the other end were the roots of a large tree, and a door membrane that led to Dyssa's.

A dark tunnel led down to a muddy pit, where a number of Mazken were wandering around chatting to each other, and looking bored. They were wearing only helmets and boots, and Clark was pleased to note that their bodies were normally proportioned, unlike the Aureal he'd just left at the other end of the place.

They ignored him, and when he tried to start a conversation, pointed him to Dyssa, who was standing up on a dias at the other side of the pit, at the foot of a comfortable-looking bed. Dyssa was a Bosmer, but not the usual slender thing he was used to. She had breasts that were almost the equal of Silanu's.

They were just as unnatural, too. During their childhood, her sister, Syl, had spent all her allowance on weapon training, but Dyssa had had a mage cast an alteration spell on her breasts. She wanted to be loved, not feared, and she was sure that everyone liked big breasts. Everyone who mattered, anyway.

"Aren't they a bit heavy?" he asked, remembering what Silanu had told him about the feather effect cast on hers.

"Very," Dyssa agreed. "I need to lie down a lot, but that's a good thing, isn't it?"

"Would you like to lie down now?"

"Yes, please, and I hope you'll join me."

Dyssa lay on the bed and the Mazken all turned and ran to the platform. Clark was forcibly prevented from getting any closer to Dyssa. "Syl doesn't allow that," he was told.

Clark turned to Dyssa, who nodded. "Syl never wanted her little sister harmed in any way. And she was always convinced that men didn't have any good intentions where I was concerned. So she instructed the Mazken to stop anything before it started."

"She was the older one, the stronger one, so she could handle men, she said. Not that she trusted them, either. And look where it got her. Dead. Now she's not around to rescind her orders."

"The Mazken will deal with your lusts, and Dyssa can watch," declared the first of the Dark Seducers. Her helmet was a little different from the others', presumably an indication of rank. "When the late Duchess was alive, she would do so herself, but now the duty falls to us."

Clark was always happy to let Nelrene take the lead when she wanted to, but that was because she wanted to. This woman was just acting out of loyalty to a dead Duchess, with no emotional involvement of her own. He wasn't going to enjoy this.

She did seem to be aroused by the situation, and there was no denying her skill in getting the reaction she wanted from him. Yes, she wanted something . She wasn't just following those orders, there was something more happening here. But as Clark relaxed a little, he felt her interest waning. Was it his discomfort that she wanted?

That wasn't going to work. If she could only enjoy this if he didn't, and he responded to her pleasure, things were going to be very strange. He tried to put himself into the mindset of a male Mazken, doing his duty to his female superior. That was what he assumed she was used to.

But he couldn't even manage disinterest properly. He needed to try something else.

Clark raised his arm and cast a summoning spell. A Dark Seducer appeared from a cloud of smoke just a couple of feet away.

"Autkendo, where is the rest of your uniform? And why is my Lord up to his hilt inside you?"

"Your Lord, Kiskengo? You were summoned? But only a Duke can do that! Has the Madgod given us a new Duke of Dementia?"

"I do not know, sister. I do not question the Madgod's will."

The Autkendo's confusion was evident on her face. The rules had just changed completely in the middle of the game. And caught her in an interesting position. The man that was standing here with her leg wrapped around him, might be the new Duke! And he wasn't pulling out; his hands gripped her hips and held her in place. "What should I do, my Lord?" she asked plaintively.

"You appeared to know a moment ago. Ask yourself if anything has changed, other than your own understanding, and continue with the course of action you think appropriate."

"But that is my problem, Lord. Is Syl's order rescinded, or not? It seems you have the authority to do so, but you have not spoken."

"Take a moment or two to think it through for yourself. Meanwhile, I believe you liked it when I did this before."

"What of me, my Lord? You summoned me, but do you require assistance? The Autkendo appears to be providing adequately for your needs."

"And he is more than doing so for mine," the Autkendo smiled. "My Lord, I understand now. Of course Syl's order no longer stands. You would not sustain it against yourself. But I am also permitted to have this pleasure, or you wouldn't be doing everything that I enjoy."

Clark turned his head to the lower-ranking Kiskengo. "I called you only to show the Autkendo that I could," he explained. "So you have already provided all the assistance that I needed by answering the call. Except for one thing ... do you have names, or do I have to keep calling you Autkendo and Kiskengo? It doesn't seem appropriate for contact this personal. I think you should introduce me to my partner."

"The Autkendo is Afri, and I am Nila," she replied. "Since you asked for mine, does that mean you want me to stay? And should I take off my uniform too?"

"Again, think that through for yourself. Where will you return to when the spell expires? Will your colleagues be expecting you back without your uniform? Do you have enough time for what you hope will happen next?"

"Enough time to be very annoyed when there isn't enough." Nila understood. "But now you know my name, you can ask for me at Pinnacle Rock. If I'm not summoned, I don't have to go back until you send me."

"In the time you do have left, can you tell Dyssa that I've not forgotten her. I just have to finish my current business with Afri first."

Afri seemed happy to please him now, a distinct change from their earlier situation. Was that just a switch of allegiance, or was there more?

"Syl had told us that the objective was to drain the men, and leave them with no desire to do anything further with Dyssa. She clearly had no sympathy for them, and although she took pleasure from the activity, it was of no concern to her how the men felt. Since her death, we have faithfully acted the same way."

"So with the other men that came here, did you enjoy the sex because Syl told you to do so, or was it good for you anyway?"

"It wasn't always good, and most of the time I didn't like doing it. But I got whatever pleasure I could. Syl would not have cared. She was not like you, my Lord."

Clark knew that Afri could do this much longer than he could, Nelrene had taught him that much. And he had Dyssa to deal with. At an appropriate moment he disengaged himself, and turned back to the dias.

Apparently the other Mazken had now decided that Dyssa should be "prepared" for his attentions. They'd taken off her robe, and folded it carefully on a pedestal near the bed. One Dark Seducer knelt at each side of her, and coaxed her nipples to attention, while the third was busy between her legs. As he approached, the Mazken all stood up.

"Why did you stop?" Dyssa asked. "Oh! the Autkendo must have finished with him. Did he leave already?"

"No, I'm still here," Clark replied, seating himself on the bed beside her. "Do they always do that for you?"

"They never have before, or I wouldn't have minded them taking the men away. Why is it different this time?"

"Because none of the others were of high enough rank," the nearest Seducer responded. "Syl's orders stood until they could be overturned by someone with sufficient authority." She turned to him. "My Lord, how should we address you? Are you the new Duke of Dementia, as the Autkendo surmised?"

"No, I am the Earl of Gweden, in Tamriel. But I act on the authority of the Madgod. He is currently busy outside the Isles, and sent me here on his behalf to set this matter right. The new Duke or Duchess will be selected when the right candidate appears, and it is his will to appoint one."

"Of course, your Grace." The Mazken had obviously decided that "Madgod's Emissary" was equivalent to Duke, even if he hadn't put it that way.

The Mazken filed down the steps, leaving him to continue where they'd left off.

"I wish my breasts weren't so big," Dyssa complained. "They got in the way in some of those positions, and the weight makes my back ache. I know they were my idea in the first place, but a woman can change her mind, can't she?"

"Which is it you want changed, your mind or your breasts?"

"Both, I guess. The mind I have seems to make bad choices."

"Making good decisions comes from experience. And experience comes from making bad decisions." It was trite, but it was true.

"Syl's bad decisions just got her killed. Sheogorath decided it was time to replace her, so the man who is now the Madgod took her place. And since the Ritual of Succession requires the departing Duchess to die, she did."

"But the people in town were talking about Syl as if she was still alive." Clark was confused.

"That's not my sister. Well, the body's hers, but the heart's not, and she's got a different personality since they rebuilt her."

Clark was still confused, but he did understand that the current Syl was some kind of replacement, and she wasn't the Duchess. "What did the Madgod mean, when he said that I should give her a good spanking?"

"Oh, does she like that, too?" Her sister had enjoyed the attention to her bare buttocks when she was young, but she'd grown out of it quickly. Dyssa had inherited the men that liked to do that, and Syl hadn't interfered with her fun until they'd switched their attention to her growing bosom. So she had a few fond memories of being spanked.

"From what I hear, the new Syl's getting over that obsession, though. She still likes it, but she's found other things to like as well. The Mazken tell me that the new Madgod's ideas are a bit different from the old one's. He's encouraged her to act a bit more normally, something his predecessor would never have done!"

"That reminds me," Clark interrupted. "We still have to decide what to do with your 'bodyguards'. They need new duties, now they don't have keep the men away from you. But first I want to know how you came to this place. What's a woman who's got four Mazken stopping her from getting any sex doing in a brothel?"

"That's five Mazken, actually, There's another one down at the pool. My idea was that if enough men visited, then they'd all be too busy, and I'd get my chance. But when it got close to working, the Autkendo just called for reinforcements. There were only two of them with me when I arrived, the others have joined since."

"And the reinforcements just stayed?"

"I gather they like this assignment. And all the other women who were here before me left, because the Mazken were getting all the action, and not taking any gold for it."

"I don't see any men either."

"They don't come here as much as they did before. The Mazken are meticulous in carrying out orders, and Syl's didn't include the men having any fun. They should probably have paid the men for their efforts! But I hope they'll come back, now things have changed."

"Hmmm.... Autkendo Afri! I need you."

"I live to serve, your Grace."

"I believe what the Madgod would like to see happen here is the re-establishment of a proper brothel. You will take direction from your madam, Dyssa, and she will instruct you in your new duties. She will entertain such clients as she wishes, and the others will be your responsibility. Primarily, that will be to leave the men satisfied, and eager to return. Your own pleasure will be secondary, but is encouraged."

"This is the Shivering Isles," Dyssa reminded him. "Some of the men who came here before had strange tastes."

"My sisters and I are immortal, and have seen everything," Afri replied. "And there is little that at least one of us doesn't enjoy."

"Then it will important for you to know what Dyssa does and does not like doing. She won't want you 'rescuing' her when she's screaming with pleasure, but she'll need you to intervene before anyone actually hurts her, physically or emotionally."

"I understand, your Grace."

"And did someone mention a pool? Is that the kind that one can lay back in and relax? This has been a tiring day for me."

"Yes, your Grace, if you'll just follow me, I'll show you."