New Sheoth Brothel - Better Bespoke Boobies

Clark had been asked to collect some more alchemical ingredients for Miranu and Medora while he was in the Shivering Isles. "No void essence this time," Taminwe had reassured him, "just the things you can get from plants. But if the shops have any hunger tongues, or hounds' teeth, you could pick up some of those, as well. Grummite eggs are another item you might find." He could spend the rest of the day shopping in Bliss and Crucible, and then look around the city walls for more. That would give Dyssa enough time to come to a decision.

When Clark returned to Dyssa's, he was delighted to see that she'd had the reduction. "Tell me all about it."

"Well, I know you said that you'd consult with Haskill and Dyus, but I didn't expect them both to come down here in person! I was wearing my usual robe, you know the one that shows everything. So they could see my problems quite clearly."

Clark nodded. Dyssa was not exactly subtle with her display. But what she'd been displaying weren't subtle either.

"Sit down on the bed, this is likely to be a lengthy story," she told him.

Dyus had been the first to approach her. Haskill had gone to the Autkendo and arranged for the all the Mazken to go down the pool, out of the way. "Fascinating," Dyus had said. "You actually chose this size, did you?"

She'd admitted that her instructions to the mage hadn't been very precise. She'd just asked him to make them bigger, and this was the result. He'd clearly thought that a significant increase was called for, not just an incremental change.

Dyus had examined them closely, lifting them to judge the weight , and squeezing gently to get an idea of the firmness, and texture. He'd made notes in a small book as he did so.

Haskill had joined him, and repeated much of the same survey, except that he didn't write anything down. "They do exhibit a proper symmetry," he'd remarked to Dyus, holding one up in each hand. "At least we don't have any corrections to make in that repect."

She'd reached the conclusion at that point that they were actually proposing to perform the work themselves. She'd asked about that.

Dyus was a Master of Alteration. He'd been able to craft the new Staff of Sheogorath from the branch of the Tree of Shades, and Ciirta's eye, so changing the size of her breasts was trivial by comparison. But Haskill had come with him in his capacity as a Master of Conjuration. There was another aspect of the situation that would call for his expertise, also.

"You perceived a need for larger breasts," Dyus told her, "and my calculations indicate that there was some truth in your assessment. They are a phenomenon that has appeal in their uniqueness."

She'd told him that Clark had mentioned Silanu to her, so she knew they weren't all that unique. Nevertheless, Dyus insisted, he was talking about the Shivering Isles in particular. His calculations did not suggest any others of similar proportions in this realm.

"We have to consider her continuing well-being," Haskill reminded his colleague. "She appears reluctant to use any kind of support that might conceal them, and they are an issue of some gravity."

"Quite, and we must make sure that her enjoyment of life is in no way diminished by what we do. Perhaps we should spend some time calibrating her responses?"

She hadn't understood what they were talking about. Apparently some kind of measurement was needed, as they produced several sets of callipers.

"I hope you won't find any of this unpleasant," Haskill told her, leaving her a little apprehensive.

It turned out to be quite the opposite. She'd never had so much attention to her nipples before. They were squeezed, warmed, chilled, and made to tingle with weak shocks, and each time they were measured to see how they reacted.

"All quite remarkable. We must be certain to retain it all." Dyus pronounced.

"Do your calculations...?" Haskill began.

"They do indicate a high probability of success so far," he replied. "But we haven't completed the analysis yet."

"Ah yes. Miss Dyssa, the next stage will require a more intimate level of contact with other parts of your body. Is that acceptable to you?"

Since she was intending a career as a harlot, she had no reason to object to anything. She just wasn't expecting the two old men to be able to arouse her as much as they did! Or for them to stop and take measurements when she was least expecting it.

"I believe we have enough data to begin," said Dyus, a little out of breath. Haskill just nodded.

Haskill went to her back, reached around and put his hands below her breasts, and lifted them slightly. "Ready," he announced. Dyus stood in front of her, and placed his hands on them. Again, she anticipated discomfort, but the reality was the total opposite.

The three were surrounded by swirling white and yellow clouds of mist. "Hold for another three seconds," Haskill's voice said in her ear.

"There, it's done," Dyus told her, and she looked down to see the results.

"I think they did very well," Clark told her. "They really suit you now, and I'm sure they're much lighter than they used to be."

"Wait, I've only told you half the story," Dyssa interrupted. "What came next was a real surprise."

"We should not just trust appearances, should we?" they'd said. All the tests that they'd performed earlier had to be repeated, to make sure all that had changed was the size.

"I'm getting slightly different numbers," Dyus had told Haskill, "but my calculations include a factor for her anticipation this time round, as well as residual arousal from the first round. Her responses are within the ranges I was expecting, so far."

"Good, that means we can move on to the subjective evaluations. Miss Dyssa, how does it feel when I do this? As good as it did before? Better?"

Haskill continued, and Dyus took notes, for several more enjoyable minutes.

"Although I have already predicted your answer, Haskill, it would gratify me if you'd give me your opinion of the results from your own perspective," Dyus asked.

"It's a tricky balance between soft and firm, but I think you've achieved it. And I like her new look. The height is right, and they balance with the rest of her."

"Good, then it's time for your part."

She wondered what more could there be to do. She had her new figure, and they'd checked it out every way she could imagine. Plus a few others. She wouldn't mind playing a bit longer, it had all been most pleasurable so far, but what else could they have in mind?

"Miss Dyssa," Haskill began "Dyus has indicated to me that your larger self was something that the Isles needs to keep available, so we have arranged to make that possible. Hence the need for my own expertise. I was able to capture the surplus and send it to another place whence it may be summoned. I shall teach you a spell that will allow you to have your old shape back, whenever you feel the need to do so. It is a power that you will only be able to cast once per day, but that will ensure that it does not become tiring for you."

He continued. "If you will cast the spell now, we can proceed with the evaluation of its effects. We have a limited time available for measurements, so most of this will be subjective."

"And then we all went at it like someone had cast frenzy" she exclaimed. "I don't know where they found the energy. But I found out that I can handle having big ones for a short time, and not get the backache like I did before, so it's much better this way. If I want to do anything where they'd get in the way, I can do it before I cast the spell, or after it's worn off."

"So now you have choices to make every day," Clark reminded her. "You can only use it once, and you've got to decide when is the right time."

"But if I get it wrong, I just have to wait for it to wear off. And if I can't decide, I've still got these!"

"Yes, those are rather nice, aren't they?" Clark agreed.

Back at Pasha's side of the brothel, Arneh and the goblin were missing, and a number of partly-dressed Aureals had taken their places.

"You'll have to ask Pasha, if you want our services," the first one told him. "She handles the business side."

He knew this wasn't Pasha's idea, it made too much sense, so he approached the Golden Saint with the officer's helmet. She wasn't wearing much else, he noticed.

Pelaurig Stanza explained that Arneh had told her about his earlier visit. She'd talked to Dyssa, who'd been speaking with Afri, and got the whole story that way. The infernal Mazken never had original ideas of their own, so she wasn't surprised that this was his in the first place.

She understood that Sheogorath's daedra, both Mazken and Aureal, were here to further his goal of promoting madness. That was why their uniforms were lacking as armor, but showed off their perfect bodies so well. But that was only effective up to a point. The ones that could see, and use their imagination, would be affected. There would be others that needed a taste of the forbidden before they could appreciate it fully.

She probably means that literally, Clark thought.

"Clearly this task needed the best, so I came directly here myself." she continued. "With a few select colleagues that I believe fit the requirements."

"They are magnificent," Clark agreed. "But don't you think they might be a bit daunting for the mortals who come here? That's a very high standard for the sort of folks you get in the Shivering Isles."

"Even the Mazken are more than the mortals deserve," Stanza retorted, "but still they keep busy at Dyssa's. I doubt that the mortals even think about it. That is the delicious subtlety of the idea. The mortals will not realise that they are being trained to higher standards, until they discover that they can be satisfied only by us!"

Clark was briefly concerned that she might be right, but he remembered his own experience with Goldie. She'd been Sanguine's strumpet for as long as these Aureals had been guards. He'd thought that he'd never have an experience to match that, until fresh, innocent little Meena had captivated him. No it wasn't the same, but that was the whole point!