Carahil - II

The legion patrolman's horse was patiently waiting for its rider outside the farmhouse door as usual. He decided to go into the lodge first, and not disturb any activity in the farmhouse.

As he stepped through the door he could hear the soft moans of one of the girls clearly having a good time. "Sounds like Virgilia," he thought to himself. "Randonil's definitely here."

But Randonil came walking out into the dining area, while Virgilia continue to moan with pleasure in the other room. "Come and watch," Randonil invited.

"You didn't expect to see that, did you?" the Altmer asked, with a huge grin on his face.

Virgilia was on the big bed on the other side of the room, being vigorously serviced by two goblins! Clark's jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Virgilia had always had a phobia of goblins, as long as he'd known her, and this was the last thing he expected to see.

Most of the other women were lined along the walls, taking in the unreal scene. It was obvious that quite a few of them found it arousing.

Randonil whispered an explanation in Clark's ear, so that he wouldn't distract anyone's attention from the unique performance. "I've wanted to cure Virgilia's goblin problem ever since I found about it. She's ruined a couple of good dresses with her reactions when we've encountered goblins along the road. It was always painful to see how distressed she became. I always had to cast a calm spell on her, before killing the unfortunate creature. If I was alone, I could just use a fear spell to make it run off and leave me be."

"You're not going soft on goblins, are you? Clark asked him.

"Dead goblins don't learn to avoid me. Frightened ones do."

Clark could see the logic in that. Goblins could communicate with each other, even if you couldn't call it speech, and they could learn form each other's experiences. It probably was more productive to instil fear in them that way.

"I imagine you're asking yourself two things. First, how did he get Viriglia to do it, and second, how did he get the goblins to cooperate? Well to start with the latter, those aren't the usual goblins from around here. They're trained ones that I had shipped over from Alinor. They're specially bred over there for the more decadent tastes, and a bit better equipped than the ones in the wild. And of course, more docile. I still have to use a command creature spell to make them do as I want, but it doesn't take as much magicka, which means I have some left for calming her."

Clark recalled Carahil telling him about goblins from Alinor. Coincidence?

"It has taken me quite some time to get her to this stage. I started out, with her permission, of course, just bringing one into the room, while I used the least amount of calm to let her tolerate his presence. Once she could handle that without my help, we went a little further, step by step."

"The goblin was naked, just like those are, so she could see what he had for her. I wasn't sure at first if that would make him more or less of a threat in her mind. It's a common fantasy of young women that goblins will want to rape them. In reality, they're much more likely to get clawed and bitten, as goblins don't normally find humans and elves any more attractive than we find them."

"I knew that Virgilia's one experience of them had been while she was inadequately dressed, and that she'd spent some time unconscious. She might have imagined anything happening to her in those circumstances, especialy as she was a virgin at the time and didn't know what was involved. Fortunately she does now."

Clark had to laugh at that understatement. The Altmer continued.

"It didn't take too long for her curiosity to overcome her fear, diminished as that was by my magic. She was reassured by the fact that he reacted to her touch in the same way a human would. And as I mentioned before, this was a goblin from Alinor, bred to be a little more generous to the ladies, and probably enhanced with a bit of Alteration magic, too. That meant more for her to be curious about."

"The next stage was to persuade her to be naked too. She understood what I was doing, and tried her best not to require my help, but it did take a few attempts with Calm before she could manage that. Fortunately, my control of the goblin was getting more nuanced, and I could make him appear to be appreciative of her display."

"At first I had the goblin just stand still and let her use her hand, while he did nothing. Nothing voluntary, that is. He couldn't prevent the inevitable results of her stimulation any more than either of us could. I half-expected her to have a bad reaction when that happened, but she didn't. It apparently reassured her that it wasn't corrosive or anything like that."

"Naturally, she went and washed it off promptly, but not in any panic or disgust. And she came back to see if the goblin could do it again!"

"The second time, she was much closer to the goblin, and she let it fall on her breasts. She didn't rush off to remove it immediately, either, but sniffed at what was on her hand. She told me she'd expected it to smell bad, like the goblins she'd first encountered in the mine. I asked her how it did smell. She said it was different, but not unpleasant."

"I certainly didn't expect her to taste it right then, but she did. And then she licked some off the goblin."

"I decided to send the goblin back to his cage then. I wasn't sure I could could still control him if she did what I expected her to do next. And anyway, I much preferred to be the beneficiary if she was in that mood." Randonil chuckled at that pleasant memory.

"After we'd satisfied her needs, we talked about how to proceed next. I asked her if she wanted me to keep the goblin passive, and just let her play with him a bit more. And if she thought it was time for the goblin to do something, what would she like him to do tomorrow?"

"She told me she still felt insecure about letting the goblin loose from my control, so perhaps she should start on top, and see what he did. I was fairly confident that they'd trained him properly, and he'd perform just as she wished. But just in case, I had her show me what she had in mind, and made careful note of her preferences."

"The following afternoon, I brought the goblin up to her room without casting any spells on him first. He was trained well enough to respond to my gestures without that, and he climbed on the bed and lay on his back when I directed. Virgilia took off her clothes and joined him, bringing him to attention the way she hadn't the previous evening. The goblin seemed to like that (who wouldn't?) and just let her do what she wanted. It seemed like her magic was commanding him, not mine."

"And then she was straddling his hips and starting to slide herself slowly back and forth along him. When she was ready, she reached back and guided him into her, and picked up the tempo. The goblin was as passive as if I'd used my command spell, up to this point, but now he reached for her breasts and squeezed them, like he'd been trained to do."

"I almost cheered at that point. It was all working so well. Virgilia's eyes were closed and she was probably imagining herself with one of her clients, instead of a goblin. It ocurred to me that doing that wouldn't do her so much good. I asked her to open her eyes and watch the goblin, to see how he was enjoying her, and how much he was like a human or elf in that. I could tell she was reluctant to do so, but she understood my point."

"Then it was all a matter of exploring other positions, avoiding ones where she felt vulnerable until she had more confidence that the goblin wouldn't do anything unpredictable. And I joined in for some of the action, as I had another phase to prepare for."

"You can see that I ordered more than one goblin, and it was my intent to add a second one as soon as she had enough confidence. Then she'd be outnumbered, and that might bring back the panic if I wasn't careful. So first it had to be with me and the first goblin, and then maybe the second one could join us before taking my place."

"I have to thank you, Clark, for your earlier participation with us. Since I already knew what she liked when she had more than one partner, it made it easier to make that transition."

"It would appear that you succeeded," Clark answered, pointing to where Virgilia was welcoming a third goblin to the party. "But aren't you worried about being too successful? What if she decides that she prefers goblins now?"

"Right now, she most likely does, if just for the novelty. But she likes variety more than anything, which is why she makes a perfect prostitute. Goblins aren't imaginative enough to interest her for long."

"And it's not like I'll have to do without while she gets it out of her system. Not in this place!"

As if to confirm what Randonil was saying, Darwen and Cybeline were heading in their direction. All this action was making them want their share, and they had a good idea where to get it.